15+ New BIM 360 Updates to Improve Construction Management Workflows 


Learn More About What’s New in BIM 360    

As part of Autodesk Construction Cloud, BIM 360 has been a staple for building teams to connect construction management workflows and data. Our product teams are continually innovating and adding new functionalities to ensure our customers can get the most out of their software and ultimately build better.  

We are excited to announce over 15 new product updates for BIM 360. Learn about the latest developments in the Autodesk Construction Cloud product, from updates to cost management features to new releases that save teams time and enhance office and field workflows.  

*features in both Autodesk Build & BIM 360  

BIM 360 Releases to Improve Reporting & Data Extraction   

Producing reports and extracting actionable data has always been a critical but often tedious part of any construction project. With BIM 360, users can better harness their data with customizable dashboards and reports and automation with their business intelligence tools. The latest product updates to BIM 360 enable more visibility into project data and allows teams to improve decision-making.   

Cost Management | Executive Cost Dashboard*    

Both Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and BIM 360 users with executive level permissions will see a new tab in the Executive level Insight module. This new tab will show a new roll-up summary of cost information across projects, helping executives better visualize financial health and budget statuses.    

Data Connector | Assets, Meeting Minutes, and Relationship Data*   

Both Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and BIM 360 users now have access to download Assets and Meeting Minutes data using the Data Connector. Additionally, teams can download cross workflow relationship data like PCOs that reference RFIs or Assets that reference Issues. This broadens the visibility into cross project data for different workflows to improve decision making.  

Data Connector | Power BI Connector (early access)*   


Both Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and BIM 360 users can now automate data extraction through the Data Connector directly into Power BI. This allows project teams to get instant visibility of companywide performance using robust business intelligence tools.    

Reports | Labor & Workforce Report  

BIM 360 users can now download a PDF labor and workforce summary report based on the information inputted into Daily Logs, which can be grouped by company or date. This allows teams to easily track workforce and resources on a jobsite and can help verify and manage payments to subcontractors.   

Reports | Enhancements to Checklist Report  

BIM 360 users will now see more filtering options in both the checklist summary and checklist detail report, including filtering by multiple locations, archived vs. active, and the ‘assigned to’ filter now includes section assignees. This helps customers create more relevant and meaningful reports.   

Reports | Enhancements to Issue Summary Report  

BIM 360 users will now see two new updates to the Issue Summary report; the ability to group content by Company, Location, and Type and the ability to include custom attribute information in the report. These updates will help teams better review and manage open issues in both the punch list process and regular management of daily issues.   

Reports | Templates for Project Setup  

BIM 360 users can now add a previously created report template into a new project during the project setup process. This helps teams improve standardization across the company and saves time.   

BIM 360 Releases to Save Time with Search Enhancements  

Construction projects collect a massive amount of data and information -- even a small project can have thousands of files. To help teams find the right information at the right time, BIM 360 users are equipped with advanced search features. New enhancements to Docs provide even more user-friendly options for teams to find what they need, faster.     

Docs | Custom Attribute Updates  

BIM 360 Docs Project Admins can now go to the new Attributes page to set project level attributes. On this page, Project Admins can delete attributes and add or remove them from a folder. Additionally, in Project Files, they can define the project-level custom attribute column order for the project, while Project Members can customize their own view. This is currently available on new projects only.  

Docs | Custom Attribute Filtering  

BIM 360 Docs users can now filter search results by a custom attribute and its value, increasing their search's relevancy. This is currently available on new projects only.  

Docs | Include / Exclude Subfolders  

BIM 360 Docs users can further narrow down their search results by choosing to include or exclude subfolders from their search, helping them find what they need quickly. This is currently available on new projects only.  

Docs | Recent Searches  

BIM 360 Docs users will now see their five most recent searches when clicking into the search bar, saving users time and increasing efficiency.   

Docs | Relevant Highlights  

BIM 360 Docs users will see their search query highlighted in their search results, helping them understand why a file matched their search. This is currently available on new projects only.   

BIM 360 Releases to Improve Customizations  

No one project is ever the same -- and it’s why teams need to be able to customize processes specific to their project while also standardizing repetitive workflows and tasks. The latest product updates in BIM provide even more customization options for Cost Management and Daily Logs.  

Cost Management | Custom Approval Workflows*  

Teams can now create custom approval workflows for Owner Change Orders and Supplier Change Orders. This feature enables automated routing for internal review and approval and allows for consistency and transparency of company-defined processes across projects. 

Cost Management | “If” Statement*  

A conditional “if” statement is now available for use when creating custom calculated budget and contract columns; if condition is true, value = X, else value = Y. This brings more flexibility to Cost Management. 

Daily Logs | Creator Permission Type  

The “Creator” permission type will improve data ownership and visibility of daily logs. Users with this permission will be able to create and edit their own logs and view their associated company’s logs.  

BIM 360 Releases to Enhance Workflows Between Office & Field  

Keeping office and field teams connected is essential for a successful construction project. Still, getting the latest information from the office to the field, and vice versa, has always been a challenge for the construction industry. BIM 360 bridges the gap between office and field teams, and new enhancements to Assets and Checklists enable additional ways to connect key project workflows.   

Assets | Public API  

BIM 360 users can now access the Assets API, which provides read/write access to the data stored in BIM 360 Assets. With this API, users can integrate with other backend systems or 3rd party solutions to extract assets data and import data back into BIM 360. This helps save teams time by eliminating manual tasks.  

Checklists | Link Documents to Checklist on Mobile  

Field users will save time as linking and unlinking documents to Checklists becomes available on mobile as well.  

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Amit Goren

Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions