25+ New Product Updates for Autodesk Build

Autodesk build product updates

Learn What’s New in the Unified Autodesk Construction Cloud Platform 

Autodesk Build, a new project and field management solution and part of Autodesk Construction Cloud, officially launched worldwide in February. Since then, our product teams have been working hard to bring even more innovation and enhancements to the unified platform.  

We are thrilled to announce over 25 new product enhancements for Autodesk Build. Learn about the latest developments in the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform, from updates to cost management features to new releases that save teams time and improve decision making.  

*features in both Autodesk Build & BIM 360
**features in both Autodesk Build & PlanGrid
***features in Autodesk Docs (available across all unified products, Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, and Autodesk Takeoff) 

Highlighted Releases for Autodesk Build 

ACC Connect in Autodesk Build   

acc connect in build

Autodesk Construction Cloud platform users can now start to leverage the integration capabilities of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Connect by linking to Autodesk Docs project files, Autodesk Cost, and Autodesk Takeoff.  

Cost Management | Executive Cost Dashboard*


Both Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and BIM 360 users with executive level permissions will see a new tab in the Executive level Insight module. This new tab will show a new roll-up summary of cost information across projects, helping executives better visualize financial health and monitor costs.     

Cost Management | Cost Custom Approval Workflows*  

Teams can now create custom approval workflows for Owner Change Orders and Supplier Change Orders. This feature enables automated routing for internal review and approval and allows for consistency and transparency of company-defined processes across projects.  

Releases to Improve Collaboration & Accountability  

Keeping teams accountable and collaborative are vital to keeping any project on track. Autodesk Build unites the best of field solution, PlanGrid, and project management software, BIM 360, to enhance field collaboration and accountability across the project team. This month, we have added several new features to provide Autodesk Construction Cloud users with more visibility and help teams work together more effectively.   

Field Management | Download Progress Bar  

Autodesk Build users will now see a download progress bar when downloading a project from the cloud onto their mobile device, indicating how much of the project has been downloaded. 

Forms | Change Collaboration Mode (coming soon)**  

Users will be able to change the collaboration mode on all existing form templates where they are added as managers. For example, if an old template was originally set up for a single contributor, multiple contributors can now be added, allowing more flexibility for the team.  

RFIs | Mobile Workflow Bar (coming soon) 

Now, mobile users of Autodesk Build have greater visibility into the status of RFIs within the workflow. When viewing an RFI on mobile, a new workflow bar displays the RFI's current state and required transition. 

Meetings | Calendar Integration (coming soon) 

Autodesk Build and BIM Collaborate users now can sync meetings with their calendars. For each meeting instance, users will be able to download the .ics file and add it to their calendars, including Microsoft Outlook. 

Meetings | Photos and PCOs in Meetings (coming soon) 

Autodesk Build users can reference photos and PCOs within each meeting item. For Photos, users can add photos directly from the meeting instance. This helps drive collaboration and ensures that all relevant information is easily shared and available at meetings.  

Submittals | References (coming soon) 

Autodesk Build users can now add in project references within each submittal item, including Files, Sheets, Assets, and Forms. This ensures that project members have access to all critical project information when reviewing or viewing submittals. 

Releases to Save Time & Increase Efficiency  

To avoid miscommunication and inefficiencies that can lead to costly rework and schedule delays, teams need the right tools to connect project stakeholders and data. Autodesk Build is a powerful but intuitive solution that makes it easy for team members to capture and integrate data across the jobsite and share with other stakeholders in real-time. New updates empower Autodesk Construction Cloud users to improve efficiency when searching for and sharing relevant information and insights with their project teams.   

Dashboards | Additional Partner Cards*  

Both Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 users will now be able to add new partner cards to their Insight dashboards. New cards include Awair, BeeInventor, BusyBusy, ConstructCam, ClimaCell, and Time-Lapse Systems.  

Sheets, Files | In-Viewer Text Search***  

Autodesk Build users can now leverage in-viewer text search across all 2D file types in Sheets and Files. Users can easily find what they're looking for with support for text in any orientation and partial text match highlighting.  

Docs | Custom Attribute Enhancements***  

Two new custom attribute enhancements increase standardization across the project. Within the Attributes settings tab in Files, Project Admins can drag and drop custom attributes to set the default order for all project members. Additionally, Project Admins can add or remove a custom attribute from the Project Files or For the Field folders by going into the folder settings.   

Meetings | Flag Meeting Items (coming soon)  

Autodesk Build and BIM Collaborate users can now flag specific items within meetings. Additionally, users can leverage the filter functionality for flagged items. This ensures the most important meeting items stay top of mind and do not fall through the cracks. 

RFIs | Markups Backlink (coming soon) 

Currently, users can link RFIs to markups on sheets or files. Now, within each RFI item, users will be able to see a markup linked and jump back to that markup on the sheet or file. This release helps to increase efficiency by ensuring all team members can quickly and easily see the necessary information when viewing and responding to RFIs. 

Sheets | Publish Revit Model from Files into Sheets  

Autodesk Build users can now select a Revit model in Files to publish into Sheets. Once selected, all sheet views created in Revit will be extracted and go through the sheet publishing workflow, ensuring seamless transitions between workflows.   

Releases to Enhance Customization & Standardization  

When it comes to their software, construction teams need flexibility to customize unique project workflows and standardize tedious tasks. Autodesk Build provides a high level of flexibility for project teams, allowing them to customize reports and templates as well as standardize repetitive workflows and processes. This month, Autodesk Construction Cloud platform users have new functionality for customization and standardization for reports, submittals, project data, and more.   

Admin | Add Members to Project Templates  

Autodesk Construction Cloud platform users can now add project team members to project templates. This allows teams to decrease project setup time and improve standardization by creating templates for types of projects that typically have the same team members.   

Cost Management | “If” Statement*  

A conditional “if” statement is now available for use when creating custom calculated budget and contract columns; if condition is true, value = X, else value = Y. This brings more flexibility to Cost Management.  

Reports | Custom Report Templates 

Autodesk Construction Cloud platform users can now create custom report templates by saving modifications to an out-of-the-box report template. The added customization allows project teams to improve standardization and create more relevant reports.   

Releases to Improve Data Visibility & Decision Making  

Data is only as powerful as it is actionable. With Autodesk Build, teams have the power to convert real-time data into actionable insights, so they can make highly informed decisions that lead to construction success. New updates in the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform enable teams to automate, extra, and control how they view and share their data.   

Data Connector | Power BI Connector (early access)*  

Both Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and BIM 360 users can now automate data extraction through the Data Connector directly into Power BI. This allows project teams to get instant visibility of companywide performance using robust business intelligence tools.   

Data Connector | Assets, Meeting Minutes, and Relationship Data*  

Both Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and BIM 360 users now have access to download Assets and Meeting Minutes data using the Data Connector. Additionally, teams can download cross workflow relationship data like PCOs that reference RFIs or Assets that reference Issues. This broadens the visibility into cross project data for different workflows to improve decision making.   

Forms | Visibility of Referenced Photos  

Previously there were no limitations on the visibility of photos in the gallery. With this new release, photos that are added as references to forms will inherit the visibility permissions of those forms. This will result in improved data ownership and visibility.  

Insights | Role Based Access to Shared Dashboards  

Autodesk Construction Cloud platform users can now create custom dashboards and control sharing by setting permissions to view by role, company, or user. This improves collaboration and sharing of relevant project information for specific teams or project meetings.   

RFIs | RFI Detail Reports (coming soon)  

Within the Reports module of Autodesk Build, users will be able to create a report that includes all RFI details. This feature helps to increase visibility into important project data. 

RFIs | Full Page RFI on Desktop (coming soon) 

For each individual RFI, Autodesk Build users will be able to edit and view the RFI in a full-page view, making it easier to fill out and view all RFI information. 

Submittals | Embed PDF Attachments in Reports - beta (coming soon)  

When exporting reports of Submittal items, Autodesk Build users can embed up to 10 pdf attachments within the report, increasing visibility to critical submittal information. 

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Jadie Fanganello

Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions