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Remote Working Using Virtual Desktops (VDI) Powered by NVIDIA & VMware

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    Since 2007, Advance2000 has enabled Remote Work solutions including high-end virtual desktops (VDI), Servers, Storage, Telephony, Data Backup, and Support for the AEC Industry. We will present an overview of the VDI solution for Remote Work and demonstrate Revit working on a VDI. We will show how to connect and use your VDI from any location, whether from home, job site, hotel or client’s office. We’ll discuss the technology and how it compares to other ways of Remote Work. Then, we will share a case study showing how an Advance2000 client is utilizing the Adavance2000 AEC cloud Infrastructure. After the case study we’ll include a short testimonial discussing how another Advance2000 client was affected by the COVID pandemic and used the Advance2000 Cloud to enable work-as-usual. Finally, we’ll conclude with a brief outline how your firm can implement remote working and collaboration and take advantage of Advance2000’s virtual desktops and cloud infrastructure.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the concept of Virtual Desktops (VDI) and cloud Infrastructure
    • See how Revit works on a VDI
    • Learn how other firms are utilizing Cloud Infrastructure to benefit their company and enable Remote working
    • Understand what is required to implement this solution