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ReCap to the Max, Part Deux: Clouds in BIM 360 and Advanced Renovation Workflows

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    You asked for it: The sequel to the lab that has appeared at Autodesk University four times for three years. This is a deeper dive into the workflows that will pick up where we left off in previous years of editing point clouds and collaborating on our designs with many trade partners. We will review how to clash point clouds easily and reliably and not get too many false positives. Examples provided will use desktop applications and BIM 360 software—yes: point clouds in the cloud! We'll also take a quick tour covering how to extract a piece of equipment for use in planning and general arrangements, or as a template for creating a 3D asset. Next, we'll go over the demolition workflow and how we've created various demolition packages throughout the years at SSOE Group, as well as how to incorporate into BIM 360 and the Cintoo Cloud. Finally, we'll review how to reduce storage on a network and use the undocumented feature of importing unified data sets in ReCap software. No prior use of ReCap on a project is required. Lab dataset is available at

    Key Learnings

    • Discover advanced editing techniques for slicing up elements to reuse as a twin in your reconstruction project.
    • Learn how to set up clash rules in Navisworks with ReCap files and modeled elements.
    • Learn how to simulate preconstruction activities of point clouds and modeled elements in Navisworks and BIM 360.
    • Learn how to apply the ReCap Hack for on-premise workflows, and work with large point-cloud data sets in the Cintoo cloud.