You Asked, We Delivered: Uncover Greater Risk Insights in BuildingConnected 

tradetapp buildingconnected risk insights

As the industry shifts toward a more connected construction environment, data transparency between preconstruction teams has become more important than ever. This is especially clear in the relationship between bid management and prequalification. Integrated bid management and prequalification workflows allow risk teams and estimators to collaborate more effortlessly, using all the data at their disposal to choose the right vendors for every project.  

With our latest update to BuildingConnected and TradeTapp, risk teams can share even more risk-related information with their estimating teams—enabling a more precise and educated bid management process.   

EMR + Internal Backlog Improvements

Risk teams feel it is important that estimators consider a vendor’s EMR (Experience Modifier Rate) and internal backlog when analyzing and awarding bids. Now, the most up to date EMR scores and internal backlog data flows directly from TradeTapp to BuildingConnected Pro. This data is displayed in the Qualifications card in the Bidders tab, Company Profile, and bid leveling experience.  


Risk teams can add a vendor's backlog manually within the vendor profile in TradeTapp, or set up an automated transfer from their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to their TradeTapp account.  

Submission & Qualification Status Improvements  

Many customers have requested the addition of an Application Status field to BuildingConnected Pro, so estimators can have greater visibility into a vendor’s progress through their qualification in TradeTapp. That way, if a vendor’s Qualification Status is listed as “Expired,” estimating teams can know if that vendor has started the renewal process.  

With this update, estimators can now see both Qualification Status (with expiration date and summary) and a current Application Status for vendors in BuildingConnected Pro. The new Application Status field is listed in the Bidders tab, Company Profile, and bid leveling experience.  

This is building upon the existing qualification status information that’s synced from TradeTapp to BuildingConnected—which includes financial limits, summary notes, and expiration dates. 

The Value of Additional Risk Data in BuildingConnected Pro 

With these updates, estimating teams never have to leave BuildingConnected Pro to make risk-conscious decisions when awarding bids. Now, estimators can easily access improved risk insights and have more transparency into the prequalification process. This further enhances cross-team collaboration, streamlines communication, and brings bid management and prequalification workflows even closer together through data transparency. 

Along with closing key communication gaps between estimating teams in BuildingConnected Pro and risk managers in TradeTapp, this update fulfills the top feature request we’ve seen from BuildingConnected Pro and TradeTapp customers. We’re excited to continue making the experience between our products even more unified, so stay tuned for more to come!  

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Jeremy Hertzog

Product Marketing, Autodesk