27 New Product Updates for Autodesk Construction Cloud 

december autodesk construction cloud updates

See What’s New from PlanGrid, BIM 360, Assemble, and BuildingConnected in December  

At Autodesk, we strive for continuous improvement. By listening to our customers, we are constantly adding new features, enhancements, and products to Autodesk Construction Cloud. Even as we close out 2020, our drive to continually bring more value to all our users has never been higher. 

Today, we are excited to share 27 new product updates across PlanGrid, BIM 360, Assemble, and BuildingConnected. From a new Revit Issues Add-In for BIM 360 to a new connection between BuildingConnected Pro and Assemble, learn more about what’s new with Autodesk Construction Cloud in December below.  


BIM 360 

BuildingConnected Pro 

Bid Board Pro 




Additional OCR language support

In May, we announced the expansion of PlanGrid’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability to 5 additional languages. With this month’s release, we have added German and Dutch as well. Now, PlanGrid will automatically recognize and name drawings to increase the productivity of field teams and improve accuracy and consistency throughout the process.​ 

Remove RFI history from reports

To improve product usability and increase customization, project admins will now have the option to remove the RFI history when creating and sending RFI reports. This can be customized for each project and easily undone at any time.

Activity log for field reports

Thanks to this new feature, it will be easier for users to keep track of changes on a field report. The activity log will provide a detailed audit trail of all changes made to field reports, improving transparency and accountability across the whole project. 

BIM 360 


Revit Issues Add-In

This month, we’re excited to announce that Revit and BIM 360 are joining forces. The Revit Issues Add-In allows users to open, edit, comment on, and resolve BIM 360 issues directly within Revit. This closes the workflow between designers in Revit and construction teams leveraging BIM 360, especially during model coordination. 

Assets Configuration Export / Import

Assets users can now export or import their unique Asset commissioning workflows to other projects, standardizing commissioning workflows across all projects 

Assets Customizing Standard Attributes

Users can now configure and customize out of the box attributes, building their own unique asset commissioning workflow.  

Assets Search and Filter

Advanced search and filter options have now been added, enabling users to filter between: categories, custom attributes, standard attributes, status, and web / mobile. 

Cost Management Document Packages for Change Orders, Contracts and Payments

New functionality has been released in Cost Management to streamline the document generation process. Now customers can merge documents from multiple sources, rearrange the order and easily add in a cover page to create one single document which can be shared, downloaded, and used in electronic signature workflows. 

Cost Management RFQ to Many Suppliers

When a potential change order is recognized, teams need to quickly understand and validate the cost impact. With the new BIM 360 Cost Management functionality, users will have the ability to quickly send an RFQ out to multiple suppliers in a single, simple workflow. To ensure the right suppliers are notified, they can be grouped in cohorts. 

Cost Management View Selector

Configure your perfect view. New functionality has been released allowing customers to configure their own views of project cost information. Within the Budget, Contracts, and Change Order tabs, users can create custom views for different use cases and quickly toggle between those views.   

Cost Management New Budget Columns

New columns including original, actual, and forecasted quantities have been added to the budget view of BIM 360 Cost Management. Users will be able to leverage these with calculated columns for improved forecasting. 

Meeting Minutes Send Email Notifications

New functionality has been released, providing the ability to send emails to all meeting attendees. To ensure all stakeholders are prepared, an email can be sent before the meeting with meeting agenda, and to provide a recap and increase transparency, it can also be sent after with the meeting record. 

Checklists Improvements

Three new features will save significant time and support better standardization for checklists. Users will be able to simply export a template and import it to any other project (along with the issue auto-creation settings). Bulk editing checklist will be a major time saver, just like the project templates update which will now copy over the issue auto-creation settings of checklist templates. 

Daily Logs Enhancements

Two new features will increase transparency and data accuracy of daily logs. In case a mistake needs correcting, users will be able to reopen a published daily log, update it, and publish it again. And an activity log will be introduced to keep track record of the changes made to a log (including reopening). 

Issues Updates

Two new changes will help improve data accuracy for issues. Admins will be able to make more issue data fields (such as status or assignee) required to support better data quality. The update in issue assignee permissions will provide better control over what issue data the assignee can change. 

Document Log View Permission

With this release, any users with a “View” permission can generate a document log, ensuring users have access to the tools they need.  

Increased Downloadable Files

Increased downloadable file sizes now allows for up to 4000 files to be downloaded at once, increasing efficiency.   

Preview MP4 Files

New functionality enables the viewing of mp4 files on the web. Users with a “View + Download” permission are now able to preview videos, rather than needing to download them to view, saving users time.  

Transmittals Enhancements

This month’s release includes two transmittals enhancements. Users can now include documents from multiple folders. In addition, recipients of transmittals can now be any active and pending project members, ensuring information is in the right hands.  

Include / Exclude Content Search

Users will now see the option to exclude content from vector PDFs in their search results, enabling them to find the information they need faster. 



BuildingConnected Pro 

Import Assemble quantities

Estimators can now quickly export quantities from Assemble and import them into scope-specific bid forms in BuildingConnected. This new connection allows GCs and owners that work in integrated project teams to share quantities with subcontractors to increase transparency, communication, and accurate bidding.  

Bid Board Pro 

New project creation enhancements

Estimators and bid managers at MEP or specialty subcontractors can get bids out the door faster and reduce manual entry with the new project creation enhancements. Enhancements include the ability to create a new project from a group of opportunities, select team members to follow projects, and attach a client’s bid form or NDA.  


Display ‘Contacted by’ user name

Risk teams can now see in TradeTapp which estimator sent a vendor qualification invite—promoting better transparency between teams. 

Enterprise certification expiration date

Qualification invites now collect enterprise certification expiration dates. Risk teams can also now filter by these dates to better manage when certification information updates are needed. 

New ‘Company Reviewers’ column

Easily filter by or create reports around a specific company reviewer’s name to quickly see who is managing a vendor’s prequalification. 

New prequalification fields

Estimators can now view additional risk data in the Qualifications card in the Bidders tab, Bid Leveling, and Company Profile—allowing EMR and internal backlog to further educate bid management decisions. 

New ‘Qualification status timestamp

Clearly see when a vendor’s status was last updated without having to click into their profile. Filter by specific dates for a quick update or analyze the time elapsed between the date an invite was submitted and the date a qualification status was finalized. 

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Kevin Ferguson

Kevin Ferguson, Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk