New in Autodesk Construction Cloud: 35+ Product Releases You Should Know in September

At Autodesk, our goal is to help your teams work faster and smarter all year long. This month, we have more than 35 product releases across Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and products, including Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, Autodesk Takeoff, ProEst, BuildingConnected, Assemble, and BIM 360.

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Autodesk Construction Cloud Platform

*=features on both Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform & BIM 360
**=features on both Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform & Autodesk Build

Bridge | Builder’s Network Searchability Now, when members want to Bridge a new project, Autodesk Construction Cloud members can search the Builder’s Network by the recipient’s name, email, or company – rather than needing to know the recipient’s email address.

Bridge | Import ACC Files / Folders In Bridge, members can now import their Autodesk Construction Cloud folder and files, facilitating more collaboration across projects and accounts.

Dashboards | Additional Partner Cards – All Autodesk Construction Cloud users now have access to additional partner cards within Insight dashboards. These new cards include alwaysAI, Genda, CX Planner, danalto, By Core, Satt Analytics, Cadmakers, Sustainable Minds – Transparency Catalog, Soil Connect, Workmax, Squizz, and Flashtract.

Data Connector | Activity Data in Data Connector Users can now easily extract activity data directly from within the Data Connector tool. This will allow teams to have an audit trail of activities from across the platform and analyze using BI tools in the case of litigation, disputes or to evaluate company KPI’s.  

Data Connector | Filtering by Product / Tools – New ability in Autodesk Construction Cloud to filter data extracts by Product or Tools. This ensures users only see the information they need with the ability to choose specific relevant workflows.  

Data Connector | Construction KPI Template: Quality – New customizable construction quality-based KPI template created specifically for teams to help identify and deliver key performance indicators at a project and cross-project level to assist General Contractors in achieving better business outcomes. These templates are accessible to download via the Data Connector template gallery tab.

Files | Append Custom Attributes During Export – When exporting PDF files in the Files tool, members can now add up to five custom attributes to the file name as well as reorder the custom attributes, providing more flexibility and customizability to the document management workflow.

Files | Support Newer NBS Uniclass Classifications – Now, on new Autodesk Construction Cloud projects, members can use the latest versions of the NBS Uniclass Classifications, including the versions from July 2020 to July 2023.

Files | Update xRef Host File – Members can now update the host file directly in the Files tool, removing the re-upload of the host file via Desktop Connector.

Issues | View Deleted Issues To maintain issue visibility across Autodesk Construction Cloud, Project team members will now be able to view their previously deleted issues. Issue creators can view their deleted issues and members with permissions “Manage issues” or “Manage member permissions” can view all issues deleted in a project.

Library | Bulk Add / Remove Components to Multiple Projects / Templates Administrators can add and remove multiple form or cost components into multiple projects/project templates simultaneously, improving the ease-of-use and efficiency of using Library.

Locations | Import Locations from Revit –To accelerate implementing locations in Autodesk Construction Cloud, project administrators can now import location hierarchy straight from Revit.

Notification | Advanced Settings Personalize Autodesk Build email notifications so teams stay on the same page. Advanced Settings enables project members to tailor their email notifications based on triggering events within tools while empowering project administrators to specify how notifications are set up. Project leads will be able to create custom notification groups by member, role, or company for event-level notifications within projects.

Reports | Send Report as Email Attachment Option Project Admins now have an option in the report settings to configure project reports to be sent as email attachments or download links. This gives field teams better access to reports without having to download as well as the option to send large report files more seamlessly as with a download link.

Reviews | Add Optional Reviewers – For the Group review step, project administrators can add an Optional Reviewer as an additional reviewer group. The Optional Reviewer can claim a step without pushing the Review forward, but additional permission controls have been added to allow Key Reviewers to edit the selected Optional Reviewer.

Reviews | Preview Step Reviewer – When an initiator creates a new review, a preview of the review workflow provides insight of the key reviewers, optional reviewers, and action upon completion, bringing more visibility into the Reviews approval workflow.

Autodesk Build

*=features in both Autodesk Build & BIM 360
**= features in both Autodesk BIM Collaborate and Autodesk Build

Assets | Draw Assets on Multiple Sheets – Users can now draw a single asset on multiple sheets. This allows teams to easily track the same asset across different sheet types, like a window that shows up on a floor plan as well as an elevation drawing, to increase asset information visibility.

Bridge | Share Closed RFI’s – Now with the ‘Save Closed RFI’s to Files’ release users can also share closed RFI’s across projects or accounts using Bridge. This broadens the types of information that can be shared across projects and gives teams even more visibility and ownership of the data created during construction.

**Correspondence | Correspondence With the new Correspondence tool, users can create, import, and manage internal and external communications in Autodesk Construction Cloud. The ability to initiate communications and file external emails within the platform delivers a centralized and connected source of truth for the project.

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*Cost Management | Cash Flow Distributions Enhancements – The new cash flow distribution enhancements bring teams more flexibility and time savings. Now, users can create distribution items based on budget, budget code segment, or contract and more easily generate batch distributions within the Cash Flow tab in the Forecast tool.

*Cost Management | Automated Retention Cap Adjustment – Users that utilize capped retention, claimed and certified amount-based processes for payment applications will benefit from this enhancement. When a cost payment application accept/proceed button is selected, the system automatically checks the retention cap. An error message will display if the amount exceeds the retention cap rate of the contract sum to date and will calculate the cap limit % relative to pay application amount so the user can automatically apply.

RFI | Multiple Reviewers This feature allows RFI Managers and Projects Managers to add more stakeholders to the review and respond process. Tracked in the “Ball-in-Court” dialog, responses are used to get a broad consensus for your RFI and can be used to generate the Official Response.

RFI | Save Closed RFIs to Files To maintain a healthy system of record, project leaders can save closed RFIs to Files within Autodesk Docs to be used or shared for greater project transparency. 

Sheets | Sheets Collection – Now in the Sheets tool, members can organize their sheets into collections, allowing them to group multiple sheets in a project that has the same name and removing the headache of prefixing sheet names.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate

** – Available in both Autodesk BIM Collaborate and Autodesk Build
*** = Autodesk Docs feature (available across all unified products)  
****=features in both Autodesk BIM Collaborate and BIM 360  
*****= features in both Autodesk BIM Collaborate and Autodesk Build

*****Model Coordination | Correspondence – With the new Correspondence tool, users can create, import, and manage internal and external communications in Autodesk Construction Cloud. Initiating communications and filing external emails within the platform delivers a centralized and connected source of truth for the project.

Model Coordination | Advanced Filters – Users can create custom, rule-based filters to curate and distribute hyper-relevant models. With this powerful filter, BIM teams and site teams alike can save a custom view for downstream workflows like onsite execution or used to filter out clash results with greater control.  

Autodesk Takeoff

Takeoff | Default Locations for Takeoffs  – Users can set the default location for specific sheets, and each new takeoff performed on that sheet is automatically assigned to the default location. Note: The default location is cleared when switching packages or documents.

Takeoff | Updated Model Browser – Users now have an updated model browser experience consistent with the Autodesk Docs experience. Autodesk Takeoff users can access and utilize the same filtering capabilities available in the model browser in Autodesk Docs.


Qualification | Flags and Alerts in Vendor Applications To proactively annotate ongoing risk issues with vendors during the project, TradeTapp users can add flags on vendor applications. Flags include a type, priority level, and space for detailed notes. To bring attention to an open flag, alerts can be set to appear when the vendor record is open next.


Estimating | Move and Add New Line Items Estimators can quickly click, drag, and reorder existing line items as well as insert new line items in the estimate.

Estimating | New Workflow Action: Allow Sort Types By adding Sort Types as a new workflow action, users can require a Sort Type be assigned to new items in the estimate automatically.

Estimating | View and Edit Labor Hours Per Workday Estimators can view and edit the standard workday for a given labor type in the estimate.


Assemble | Assemble Property Type to Support Model-Based Embodied Carbon Calculations – Assemble Properties are a great way to organize and condition a model with user-defined data to enrich a design model to power downstream workflows. Assemble users now have a new property type available in the dropdown for carbon calculations when creating Assemble properties, along with units of measure better aligned to track carbon calculations. Note: Users still populate and edit property values for this new type through the properties panel.

BIM 360

Files | Support Newer NBS Uniclass Classifications – Now on new BIM 360 projects, members can use the latest versions of the NBS Uniclass Classifications, including the versions from July 2020 to July 2023

Files | Update xRef Host File on Docs – Members can now update the host file directly in BIM 360 Docs, removing the re-upload of the host file via Desktop Connector.

Jadie Fanganello

Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions