Centralize, Organize and Streamline Project Communications with the Correspondence Tool

Imagine you're working on a large construction project with a couple stakeholders who share your technology solution and others who don’t. The willingness across the project team to work together is better than ever, but there's one big issue: communication is all over the place. It’s unclear where final decisions should be stored, and its not always the case that decisions fit neatly into other workflows like RFIs or Forms.

In this scenario, as with many projects, scattered communication can lead to a decision maker missing something critical that can cause rework, delays, and unnecessary costs—that ultimately derail the project.

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Decentralized communication

When important project conversations occur across communication services that are decoupled from the core of where decisions are made, those who make impactful decisions are far less equipped to make the right call.

Moreover, off-platform communication methods can be difficult to contextualize without the ability to connect the dots between workflows. An example being when a key decision made over email impacts a schedule activity.

Purpose-built communication tools

RFIs, Forms, and other tools that serve a specific workflow format information to capture only the necessary information for resolution. But there are times when communication needs to be more open-ended—when project leaders need to have some informal back-and-forth before a decision is finalized.

Unretrievable comms and information 

Imagine a project leader who’s been engaged with 2-3 different stakeholders, trying to resolve a conflict onsite. There are likely several threads about this topic, but finally, a resolution is found. Six months down the road, a question comes up about that resolution, and now someone involved in that thread has to go digging for the proof. It's a headache to dig through emails to find previous conversations, but what if that person is no longer with the company and access to that thread is gone forever. How do you verify the decision if a dispute arises?

Introducing the Correspondence Tool

We’re here to help you remove unnecessary complexity from your lives, which is why we're thrilled to introduce Correspondence—a new tool within Autodesk Construction Cloud built for flexible and easily retrievable communication between teams.

Correspondence enables users on Autodesk Construction Cloud to create and manage communications with project stakeholders, regardless of whether they have an Autodesk account or not. This results in a centralized and connected store of project information. Whether communicating with a colleague from the same company or finding solutions with external stakeholders, you can keep updates and conversations organized in one place. 

Correspondence provides project leaders with an open-ended communication tool where they can create, import, and organize communications directly from the platform. No more digging through old threads. With Correspondence, any communication can be stored under a project, so you always know where to find the most up-to-date information.

Import emails into Autodesk Construction Cloud through auto-forwarding or simple import tools so all your messages are readily available. Plus, you can reference correspondence with other Autodesk Construction Cloud tools, including RFIs, Submittals, Issues, Schedule, and more.

This means all project communication, documentation, and tasks are interlinked and reinforce decision-makers with the details they need to make the best decisions for the project.

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Why we built Correspondence

Designed for modern construction teams, Correspondence facilitates better collaboration among companies and greater clarity for confident decision-making. Consider the following:


With the Correspondence tool, stakeholders are always kept in the loop. You won't have to worry about missing or chasing down an email; since everything is centralized and connected with Autodesk Construction Cloud, you can find the info you need using a single solution. 


Correspondence encourages open-ended communication so folks can freely discuss and share relevant project information without being confined to predefined workflow structures. 


There are plenty of productive tasks that are worthy of your team's time, but spending hours combing their inbox isn't one of them. Correspondence addresses the issue of unretrievable comms by organizing on-platform and off-platform communication in one place, organized by subject, date, or users involved. 

Not only that, but users can also easily search and filter the communications stored within Autodesk Construction Cloud, so locating a specific message or discussion thread is a breeze.

The Correspondence tool benefits your firm in multiple ways

Centralized, accessible, and unrestricted communication tools can do wonders for your teams, projects, and business as a whole. 

Improve team productivity and accountability

Individuals can quickly access the info they need to make the right decision in a timely manner. Correspondence empowers individuals to make the right call with confidence.

The Correspondence tool also promotes accountability since there's always a clear record or archive of who said what and when. 

Increase project profitability through earlier communication

Connected communication from the earliest stages of a project paves the way for earlier issue resolution where the greatest cost reductions are up for grabs.

Minimize disputes

The Correspondence tool makes it easier to keep your legal ducks in a row. You can use it to highlight project requirements and improve project audits. 

Bringing it all together

At Autodesk, we're focused on keeping teams on the same page at every stage. The Correspondence tool reinforces this commitment, and we're confident that it will go a long way in helping you deliver your best work.

After all, communication isn't just about sending emails or relaying messages. It's also about promoting collaboration and accountability—two critical components of excellent project outcomes. 

Check out Autodesk Construction Cloud to learn more about Correspondence and other powerful tools you can use to improve your projects from start to finish. 

Kyle Seyler

Kyle Seyler is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Autodesk Construction Cloud. A seasoned product marketing leader with over a decade of experience in go-to-market strategy, Kyle harnesses the power of marketing to connect with diverse industries, from adventure travel and winemaking to manufacturing and construction. During his 5-year tenure at Autodesk, he has developed programs that equip educators with engaging curricula for the future of manufacturing. He currently leads a team of product marketing professionals committed to addressing the construction industry's challenges through intelligent yet simple technology.