How to Get Started with Autodesk Construction Cloud in Your Classroom

As an educator, you have access to key resources that can help you expand your use and curriculum within the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

We have detailed the steps to transitioning from BIM 360 to Autodesk Construction Cloud in our blog: How to Transition from BIM 360 to Autodesk Construction Cloud: A Step-by-Step Guide for Educators

Here are some other places to start:

If you need assistance in setting up your Autodesk Construction Cloud subscriptions for your classroom, we offer both self-service and virtual assistants to support you.

  • Check out our Autodesk Construction Cloud Learn ACC course on project and account administration HERE to help you get up and running from a user and subscription management perspective.
  • For additional questions, you can reach us at

We're excited to continue partnering with you to develop the required digital skills and mindset in our next generation of diverse builders to build a better world!

Kellyanne Mahoney