10 Construction Sessions You Might Have Missed at Autodesk University

This year, Autodesk University was an exciting three-day event of sessions, keynotes, meetups, and networking. This was a year to remember, and you could feel the energy that came with being able to see everyone back in person.

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If you weren’t able to make it to AU 2022, that’s okay, because we recorded these construction sessions and theater talks for on-demand streaming. You can check out some of our most in-demand sessions made for a digital experience here

10 Construction Sessions You Might Have Missed

We’ve put together a collection of 10 sessions you might have missed and may want to access. Check out these on-demand sessions while they’re available.

Take a Load Off with DPR, Windover, and Arcadis

Technology for preconstruction has come a long way. The introduction of BIM, cloud based takeoff tools, AI, and bidding platforms have all shaken up the way estimating and preconstruction management operates. 

In this panel session, estimators from DPR, Windover Construction, and Arcadis discuss their experience with the new age of estimating, and how those benefits help drive their project efficiency. Learn more about common industry challenges and how to expand on new ways of working with technology. Watch the panel session.  

Implementing Autodesk Construction Cloud Across a $2b+ Business Part 2

You may remember Ivana’s AU 2021 Top Rated Construction Session. If so, then get ready for this, part 2 of how her company, Mace, implemented Autodesk Construction Cloud. During this session, you’ll see the benefits of using Autodesk Construction Cloud along with tools like BIM 360 and Assemble.

See how the team at Mace was able to improve coordination and collaboration within the office by using these tools. Additionally, you’ll learn about how these tools support their goals for better quality in the field, their Net Zero Carbon initiative, and quick material takeoffs. 

During this session, you’ll learn more about how to standardize your projects with an effective reporting system starting on day one. Additionally, if you’re still worried that you won’t be able to implement Autodesk Construction Cloud at your company, Mace will discuss what you can do to help win over others and help them succeed by looking at their latest case studies. Watch Here.

How Will the Construction Sector Get to Net Zero?

Can the construction sector get to net zero? This session discusses the technologies and frameworks that could help infrastructure construction reach net zero by the year 2050. During this session, you’ll learn more about research developed by Autodesk in collaboration with the Australian Constructors Association, Infrastructure Sustainability Council, and Consult Australia.  Watch Here.

Roadmap to Successful Implementation with the Autodesk Construction Cloud

Change can be difficult in this industry, but becoming more efficient is critical for success. We’ve seen progress in the construction industry by using highly collaborative workflows and out-of-the-box thinking. With Autodesk Construction Cloud, Barton Malow implemented tech that lets its teams work better together, even remotely. 

In this presentation, you’ll learn about Barton Malow’s strategy for implementing Autodesk Build and BIM 360. You’ll also find out more about how critical data was leveraged to verify company-wide adoption, how the company leveraged on-demand training to create a standard for success, and how Barton Malow collaborated with its clients for better unity. The class covers challenges and how Autodesk Construction Cloud was established as the company’s Gold Standard. Watch the presentation here.

Autodesk's Role in the Evolution of Connected Construction

Autodesk Construction Solutions continues to play an important role in innovation in the construction industry. In addition to spending $1.2B on best-in-class acquisitions, Autodesk is also a leading strategic investor in construction technology start-ups such as Aurigo, Bridgit, and Eyrus. 

During this session, you’ll hear from the Autodesk Construction Solution Strategy team about what the startup ecosystem looks like right now. They will also discuss why connected technology stacks are essential and non-negotiable for contractors who want to future proof their businesses. 

Listen to why they believe in the power of what the platform has to offer and gain insights from customers in Europe and North America who are here to discuss “platform-first” thinking and how they’re pushing forward with technology innovation within their companies. Watch Here

Spot on Site: Leveraging Jobsite Robotics for Evaluating Housekeeping

Robotics is becoming increasingly important in construction. During this session, take a look at the research and collaboration between Autodesk and Skanska USA. Together, they’ve researched the best use cases for Spot, a robotic dog that was designed by Boston Dynamics. 

At the Autodesk Tech Center and Skanska jobsites in Boston, testing was completed to evaluate the robotic platform’s ability to perform repeatable, autonomous missions on-site, like documenting and analyzing cleanliness and housekeeping tasks. Testing also focused on benchmarking Spot vs. human operators. To learn more about Spot and how it could change construction, watch the presentation here.

Building Trust in an Industry that’s Actively Avoiding It

Trust is an important part of every relationship — within an organization or with external partners. The level of trust held between trades, contractors, designers, and a project team can have an impact on the outcome of projects. 

During this presentation, we’ll ask important questions, like:

  • Do contract structures help or hinder our progress and ability to work together? 
  • Do our software tools add or reduce trust among interested parties? 
  • Have we built a culture of mistrust and litigation in hopes of reducing risk?

You’ll listen to professionals from various backgrounds discuss the challenges that come up during projects, how those challenges may affect trust, and what to do to resolve trust issues as they arise. You’ll explore different methods of repairing and rebuilding trust, ways to communicate with others more transparently, and which strategies best build trust. 

Through this course, you’ll learn about the positive impacts of trust, and what to do to build trust more proactively from the start. Watch the full discussion here.

Reduced Risk & Improved Productivity on CAHSR using BUILD and Takeoff

During this presentation, you’ll learn about Arcadis and how it was able to reduce risk while improving productivity while processing hundreds of change orders as they came in for the California High Speed Rail project. The discussion covers the struggles of using SharePoint to manage the volume of information, as well as the impact of a lack of automated controls for quantity verification. 

Then, see how introducing Autodesk BUILD to this infrastructure project helped create a better, more organized platform for the information and data needed. For instance, adding Takeoff to the project improved productivity of estimates by around 50%. Watch more about this major project here. 

The Rise of Prefabrication in Construction

Staying cost-effective is essential for keeping your company productive and profitable. Many contractors are starting to transition to off-site prefabrication, which can have a significant impact on the cost of construction, your schedule, and even workplace safety. Watch this course to learn what you can do to fast track your success by using fabrication best practices and technologies. 

How Data Enhances Data Center Project’s Construction Workforce Efficiency

Join Eyrus COO & Co-Founder Hussein Cholkamy, along with the Head of Partnerships & Strategy Steve Baret for the presentation: “How Data Enhances Data Center Project’s Construction Workforce Efficiency.”

During this presentation, you’ll learn more about how data can be used to enhance your workforces and site security for all data center projects. You’ll discover that managers have options for tailoring their needs and goals with cloud-based data, including the ability to customize reporting and track aspects of the job — such as knowing when workers are on-site or scheduling hours worked as they’re worked in real-time.

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From current events in the industry to best practices, there is always something to learn at Autodesk University. If you missed AU 2022 this year or just want a refresher, don’t miss out on these on-demand sessions.

Alexa De La Parra Ramirez

Content & Communications Coordinator, Autodesk Construction Solutions