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In case you missed it, registration for Autodesk University is now live! This annual event brings together innovators from around the world, including designers, engineers, builders, and creators. For this year’s digital Autodesk University experience, we will explore new approaches to creating, designing, and making the projects of the future to reimagine possible. Join Autodesk University 2020 starting November 17, where you’ll learn alongside other professionals in architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and media and entertainment, and explore emerging technologies and trends affecting all facets of the built environment.

This global virtual event will feature hundreds of thought-provoking panels and classes throughout the week, and is free and open to all who register. Autodesk University truly has something for everyone, and those looking to improve quality controls and programs on projects will find an abundance of learning and insights at this year’s event.

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What You Can Learn About Construction Quality at Autodesk University 2020

Autodesk University is all about exploring the most cutting edge technologies and strategies. For construction, this means everything from connected workflows to advanced innovation and data centric sessions. Construction quality is what separates the good from the bad, and affects everything on a project from safety to efficiency—even your bottom line.

Attending Autodesk University will unlock a wealth of information across multiple panels and classes focused on construction quality management. There’s a lot of content to choose from, so we’ve selected our top picks of sessions for those interested in construction quality. Read on for our list of these sessions and what you’ll learn.

Note this current session list is a preview only and is not comprehensive. Check our full list here

BIM 360 with BAM Construction: Standardization, Digital Transformation, the power of DATA!

Speaker: Duncan Alexander, Digital Manager at BAM Construct UK

Join Duncan Alexander, Digital Construction Manager on BAM Construct UK, along his journey with BIM 360 Cloud Solutions. With 15 years at BAM Construct UK, Duncan specializes in the implementation of the latest innovative construction technologies and processes. As a leader of the UK Digital Construction Team, he has helped lead the company’s digital transformation to achieve its business objectives by embedding process and technology through preconstruction to delivery on-site and into operations across all business units. Standardizing and embedding digital solutions like BIM 360 Field (Classic) in an easily understood, jargon-free way has driven our predictable performance. Duncan has a passion for understanding business needs and applying years of skills and experience to innovate and implement industry-leading change, while adding value to help projects deliver on time, on budget, and at the highest level of quality. Duncan will discuss the use of BIM 360 Cloud Solutions for projects ranging in value and complexity across multiple sectors, including education, retail, hospitality, health, and entertainment.

Field & Project Management with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Speaker: John Sanner, Technical Marketing Manager, Autodesk

Every construction project team needs the right resources to support key workflows, including QA/QC, safety, RFIs, cost, and progress. Today, teams use a number of different tools and techniques to execute on these workflows, but there are risks involved in using various applications and processes. These risks include poor information access, lack of connectivity and collaboration between the office and the field, and using tools that are built either exclusively for field workers on mobile devices or office workers on laptops. The vision of Autodesk Construction Cloud is to enable connectivity across the entirety of a project, and this session will provide an update on the roadmap to the future of Construction Cloud’s field and project management capabilities. Session highlights include discovering the benefits of a single platform, engaging with the Autodesk R&D team to provide input into the roadmap, and exploring the timing of upcoming Autodesk Construction Cloud product updates.

Tracking Assets and Equipment in BIM 360

Speaker: Krystian Macek, Senior Product Manager at Autodesk

Construction teams need a project management experience that allows for an asset, such as equipment, and its data to flow seamlessly from design to handover and operations. This class will explore using BIM 360 to track key milestones in the asset lifespan—from design and fabrication, to delivery, installation, commissioning and, ultimately, handover. This class will also explore workflows around building, commissioning, and creating repositories for asset-related documentation, including product information such as cut-sheets and warranty documents, as well as links to checklists, RFIs, Submittals, and other workflows related to the asset. See how to use the BIM 360 platform to provide integrations with various workflows throughout an asset's life. The class will culminate with attendees getting the opportunity to set up asset categories for tracking out in the field.

A Checklist to Build Checklist Templates in BIM 360 Field Management

Speaker: Nauman Mysorewala, Design Technology Manager Senior at JERDE

Project quality control and safety are critical to any construction job’s success. Having access to tools—like a checklist or template—that can help easily standardize, input, and resolve quality control and safety issues can improve productivity and efficiency. BIM 360 Field Management allows teams to quickly create and implement checklists on a project based on existing templates or new ones made from scratch. This class will provide best practices for developing various types of checklists for Field Management in BIM 360 Build. You’ll learn tips and tricks for creating effective checklist templates for designers, project engineers, contractors, and commissioning agents.

 Virtual Construction Site Management with Advanced Workflow in BIM 360

Speaker: Stefano Libianchi, BIM Expert, FSTechnology

This class will explain how to manage and improve the construction process of linear infrastructure projects with BIM 360 in order to improve data quality and reduce costs and time by 60%. The digitalization of these processes allows us to retrieve relevant data and information directly from the construction site, reducing wastefulness and promoting sustainability. Learn about current projects being managed with BIM 360, allowing stakeholders to analyze progress through data and statistics via powerful dashboards made with Forge. This session will also cover how to implement clear metric analysis to show improvement in construction processes.

Starting November 17, all of these sessions and hundreds more will be free and open to anyone who registers for Autodesk University 2020. Learn more about all of this year’s sessions and register here for the Autodesk University 2020 global digital event. We hope to see you there!

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