15 New Integrations with Autodesk Construction Cloud 

15 integrations Autodesk Construction Cloud

The Construction Integration Ecosystem Keeps Growing 

Increased construction technology adoption, including mobile applications, reality capture tools, and remote collaboration software, continues to drive a need for integrated software tools to eliminate information silos. 

At Autodesk, we strive to build not only strong products but also a robust ecosystem of integration partners to fulfil this need. So, we’re excited to share these 15 new integrations that partners have built with into Autodesk Construction Cloud™ products. 

AkularAKULAR recently announced their BIM 360 Partner Card. With this integration customers can upload 3D models into AKULAR and then view them with AR overlays in the BIM 360 Project Home.  

ArvizioWith Arvizio you can upload BIM, CAD, and LiDar scans to deliver fully immersive meetings with real-time multi-user sharing, IoT data integration, document viewing and annotation capabilities. They offer a Navisworks and Revit Plugin that complements their BIM 360 integration to deliver deep AEC workflows.

binnibinni Concrete Tracking’s new Partner Card puts your concrete pour data right alongside your other construction data in your BIM 360 Project Home. 


Digital Field Solutions built the new Formworks and BIM 360 Field integration which allows users to build forms, containing local databases, complex logic and validation, and then automatically route data to BIM 360 Field project folders or generate Issues. 

EsriEsri’s new integration between ArcGIS Pro and BIM 360 allows teams to easily incorporate their project data in maps and scenes. 


evercamEvercam's smart cameras have advanced features such as Live streaming, X-ray view, BIM Compare, and Gate Report in one place, which BIM 360 customers can now enable directly with their new BIM 360 Partner Card


gammaGAMMA AR’s integration enables BIM 360 users to utilize GAMMA AR to overlay BIM models with Augmented Reality and synchronize issues into BIM 360.  


iconstructiConstruct BIM 360 Docs Search will give you a direct path to access project documentation from BIM 360 Docs by simply selecting an object in the 3D model. 

ideateIdeate Software offers a variety of Revit productivity solutions. With Ideate’s new BIM 360 Partner Card - Ideate Dashboard, powered by Forge, you can easily see Revit warnings from within your BIM 360 dashboard. 

matterlabMatterlab recently released two new integrations with BIM 360: ArchiveHub and ValidationHub. ArchiveHub makes project archival easier for handover, business continuity, flexibility, and compliance/legal requirements. Using either industry standards or custom naming systems, ValidationHub enables BIM 360 users to create strict quality standards for all files. 

milwaukeeMilwaukee Tool’s One-Key software now integrates with BIM 360 share information between the two solutions and enhance asset tracking, project management, and reporting. 


03With O3’s integration to BIM 360 and the Forge Viewer, customers can support Advanced Work Packaging to fully scope packages and see 3D visualizations of package status, constraint status, and material availability. Then share schedules and components and collaborate with others for comprehensive graphical and non-graphical work packaging. 

blacksmithsoftWith Power Search by BlackSmithSoft, customers can easily conduct complex searches in BIM 360 Docs, attach relevant files to BlackSmithSoft Digital Construction (DC), or export search results to Excel. 


zeitdiceZEITDICE’s new BIM 360 Partner card that allows you to see the most recent photos and videos from their timelapse cameras directly on your Project Home dashboard. 


contecht4D Planner, built by Contecht for BIM 360, allows users to associate time bound tasks with 3D models to create, manage, and run 4D simulations in your browser. 


Integrations minimize unnecessary manual work, opportunities for human error, duplicate data entry or wasted time looking for the appropriate file or piece of information. Check out Autodesk Construction Cloud’s ecosytem of direct integrations and learn more in our Integrations and Partnerships ebook. You can also register to join us at Autodesk University (November 17-20) and watch partners exhibiting their integrations and sharing their customer stories.

Anna Lazar

Anna Lazar is Manager, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships at Autodesk. Her focus at Autodesk is to drive collaboration across cross functional teams to empower partnerships with hot startups, established industry leaders, and strategic investments to ultimately facilitate technology licensing, joint product development, co-marketing, and joint sales activities globally.