Industrialized Construction: Building for a World of 10 Billion

Mike Eggers of Project Frog discusses how to bridge the gap between housing demands and labor shortages


Demand for housing and other built structures is increasing as the world population continues to grow. At the same time, there’s a shortage of skilled labor for construction. How can we bridge the gap? Mike Eggers of Project Frog shares how industrialized construction—using digitization and automation to make the building process more like a factory—can help us shorten build times, reduce costs, and improve quality.

About the speaker

Mike Eggers is VP, Product & Innovation at Project Frog. He is a licensed architect in California with over 15 years of experience with highly detailed and complex construction projects. He brings a wealth of knowledge in program management and product development while working with cross-functional hardware and software engineering teams to plan, execute, and deploy integrated hardware, software, and operations solutions at scale. He has a passion for solving architectural problems with an emphasis on scalability and repeatability of design.

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