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March 30, 2022

The Power of Platform: Building the Future with Forge

Susanna Holt
Susanna Holt, Autodesk VP of Strategic Technologies, at the AU 2021 Forge Keynote.

Having access to the data you need, when you need it, is becoming more and more important. Autodesk Forge is here to help. The cloud-based platform is designed to simplify your digital transformation experience.

Forge is where designers, engineers, builders, artists, and makers harness the data and tools they need when they need them, no matter their roles or disciplines. “We want more connections across your teams, across your enterprise systems, and beyond—suppliers, contractors, and customers,” Susanna Holt, Autodesk VP of Strategic Technologies, said in the AU 2021 Forge Keynote.

“Forge will free your project data from the shackles of proprietary file types,” according to Scott Reese, formerly Autodesk SVP for Cloud Platforms. “And it's what will make your data available at the right level of granularity to everyone who needs it, regardless of their role or which product they're using.”

Check out these resources to learn more about what Forge can do for you, your team, and your business:

Design automation

There are many tasks that designers once had to handle manually that can now be automated using Forge. Whether it’s creating drawings or exporting a Bill of Materials, let the platform take care of the drudgery so you can focus on creation.


Configuring complex products for individual customers is a time-consuming process that used to require extensive engineering work—sometimes hundreds of hours to complete each sale. By automating configuration, you can accelerate and simplify that process so that anyone from the sales team—or even your customer—can do it.

  • Find out how the team from HAKI built a tool to configure their modular scaffolding systems, enabling them to move away from product sales to an approach that provides full solutions.
  • Learn how to create an automated 3D product catalog that dynamically generates images using up-to-date product data.

Into the future with Forge

The possibilities of Forge are evolving rapidly.

The era of disconnected data and siloed work is coming to an end, thanks to the possibilities of the Forge platform. Learn more anytime at Autodesk University.