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September 29, 2022

Platform, Purpose, and Possibility: AU 2022 Continues


What if you could explore more design possibilities more quickly, and test them all before you make them, to decide which ones to pursue? What if the tools you use anticipated your next move, suggested solutions, and even helped you to use those tools better?

What if you could respond to disruption and get ahead of whatever changes might be next?

AU 2022 continued with another day of connection and community, intention and innovation, purpose and perspective. On Day 1, we learned about the industry platforms that will be key to Autodesk’s platform vision—Forma, Flow, and Fusion. On Day 2, we explored how individual companies are transforming to improve collaboration, increase sustainability, and reimagine futures for their industries.

The day started bright and early with the Autodesk Community 5K & Fun Run through the historic neighborhoods of New Orleans. Later in the morning, the Diversity & Inclusion in Construction Breakfast gave attendees a chance to fuel for the day while hearing perspectives on creating more equity on the building site and a greater sense of belonging in the industry.

In the Day 2 General Session, Autodesk executives Steve Blum, Amy Bunszel, Diana Colella, and Jeff Kinder brought in business leaders who have steered their companies through transformation to share what they learned along the way. From the reconstruction of Notre Dame to hydrogen-powered drones to the use of cloud technology for VFX and animation, we learned how companies have embraced disruption and connected people and processes.

In the Construction Session, Autodesk execs Jim Lynch, Richard Parker, and Allison Scott examined the possibilities of transformation and the opportunities to gain more control over data that can enable new ways of working.

In Tech Trends: The Promise of Platform and Digital Transformation for People and the Planet, partners across AEC, media and entertainment, and manufacturing debated what transformation means for today’s workforce, how platforms can deliver more value, and why a focus on sustainability is key to creating a better world and driving better business outcomes.

More than 100 classes took place throughout the day, providing inspiration, insight, and awareness of new workflows. Meetups happened throughout the day as well, offering a chance for connection through collective discussion and problem solving. The Fusion Design Slam gave experts the chance to go head-to-head for the title of champion in live competition, while the Spacemaker Design Slam had experts competing to develop a proposal for a new neighborhood. And the Dynamo Community Celebration returned to AU, filling the Grand Ballroom with fellowship and fun focused on the possibilities of computational design.

Day 2 at AU 2022 is in the books. We’ve got one more day of connection, learning, and inspiration to go. We’ll see you tomorrow.