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The Secret to Landscape Modelling with InfraWorks

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    In 2050, 66% of the world’s population will reside in urban areas. Landscape and Urban designers will be required to design more and better cities, with less impact on the environment. One of the most attractive characteristic of Landscape Design is its scale variety, ranging from balconies to huge campuses. In the “The Secret to Landscape Modeling with Revit”, we learned how landscape designs can be built in Revit, as well as the main challenges with the software. Large scale was one of these challenges. InfraWorks is the software that completes the Landscape Architect toolset for large scale modeling. In this class, we will discover how to model landscape elements in InfraWorks. We will also explore how to import information in your model from different data sources (GIS, Revit, 3D Models, Civil 3D) and collaborate in BIM360. Finally, you will learn how to present and visualize your project using Infraworks tools.

    Wichtige Erkenntnisse

    • Model most common soft and hard landscape elements in InfraWorks
    • Connect to other file formats and data sources (Revit, GIS, 3D Models, Civil 3D, etc)
    • Create illustrative materials for your presentation
    • Use BIM360 to collaborate and share InfraWorks models with consultants and clients