Generating artificial waves and surf lagoons with Autodesk


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Generating artificial waves to experience surfing outside the sea

Designing the future of surfing with BIM

Under the mission of developing the best wave generator system, the Wavegarden company has worked for years to recreate the sport of surfing anywhere in the world. Thanks to the latest technology and software from Autodesk, Wavegarden can offer today a realistic experience of surfing outside the sea.

The team behind Wavegarden

Wavegarden is an engineering company based in the north of Spain specialized in the development, design, manufacture and installation of wave generation systems and in the construction and operation of surf ponds. Their main product, WAVEGARDEN Cove can produce up to 1000 waves per hour in a lagoon where up to 90 surfers can enjoy at the same time.

Wavegarden's technical departments were introduced to Autodesk's BIM software applications 3 years ago. Now, they use a combination of different programs from the Autodesk AEC Collection in all their projects. For the team at Wavegarden, Autodesk is the solution.

Wavegarden have established a very practical two-way workflow that combines the various Autodesk programs they use. This gives them the flexibility to work seamlessly in different areas of any project. In parallel, they use the BIM 360 DOCS software to interact on their documentation with their partners.

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“BIM 360 DOCS is the online project management platform that we use to share, trace, review and visualize information both internally and with our clients. The graphical and management features allow our customers to play a more active role throughout the process as it does not require specific software or technical knowledge to obtain access to all the information.”

Luis Merino, Architect / BIM Manager, Civil Works Department, Wavegarden

Pioneering idea in the sector

The founders of the company are engineers and surfers. Their vision is to make the sport of surfing accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities or geographical location. From an engineering perspective, the goal of the various departments is to work collaboratively to design and implement the best and most efficient technical solutions for their surf ponds.

Engineer setting up a new surf pond

The challenges of taking surfing out of the sea

Before using BIM software, Wavegarden designs were mainly AutoCAD 2D drawings. At that time, they were limited in their ability to produce accurate models with the required level of detail. With BIM, they have now found a tool that allows them to be more accurate and professional in the development and delivery of their drawings.

They can produce, for example, detailed drawings that include all the specifications of their wave generator, water treatment system and civil works. This method is highly efficient and helps them detect anomalies before they become costly problems. In addition, they simultaneously work with their suppliers and engineering teams from customers all over the world.

3D plan for a future surf lagoon

“At Wavegarden we use a combination of different Autodesk programs during the various phases of the project. InfraWorks helps us to analyze the impact of our surfing facilities at different sites. Civil 3D and Revit are our design tools. Finally, we use Navisworks for a perfect coordination between all the disciplines that make up a Wavegarden.”

Luis Merino, Architect / BIM Manager, Civil Works Department, Wavegarden

Collaboration as the key to success

Even in the best work environment, it is a challenge to deliver a project of this magnitude. One of the biggest problems is gathering all the relevant details into one set of drawings. Many engineering layers must be perfectly aligned to meet project requirements and their quality standards.

Personalized assistance by Asidek

Asidek has offered advice on tools to be implemented and technical support in the use and management of these tools. The workflows have been audited by their specialists and, with this, they have optimized and improved the project phases.

Surfer experiencing the artificial waves of Wavegarden

Save time and money with BIM

In terms of design and development, BIM is far superior to anything they've used in the past. The precise visualization of the design allows them to detect errors at a very early stage; minimizing errors reduces budget, time and unnecessary stress. They have improved every phase of the entire process, from design to construction. As a result, they can achieve more with a smaller team. The Autodesk AEC Collection helps with everything from 2D to 7D. And the information from their models is shared and managed through BIM 360 DOCS.

Wavegarden has increased the number of AEC and BIM 360 DOCS licenses. They offer their customers, suppliers and partners BIM 360 DOCS licenses, so that everyone has an active role in all design and construction processes.

Wavegarden has pioneered an entirely new market by combining an extravagant dream with engineering excellence. This is creating a new business sector at the same time as it revolutionizes the sport of surfing.