Generative design, key tool for the lightweight solution in the automotive industry


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Igestek, a company specializing in lightweight solutions, has developed in their generative design lab a suspension shock absorber top mount for premium vehicles that is 40% lighter than current ones. This component has been conceived and materialized thanks to the hybridization of different technologies, materials and solutions, such as Fusion 360, Netfabb, Helius Composites, Inventor and Moldflow, as well as the technical support and consulting from Asidek, an Autodesk Platinum Partner.

In this case, Igestek has gone one step further in the hybridization of processes. The innovation lies in using the main body itself as a forming tool for manufacturing radial reinforcements with composites. This has posed a technological challenge that the company has been able to approach successfully, and has resulted in significant cost and time savings by eliminating tools.

The project’s result is a shock absorber top mount that is 40% lighter than current existing ones, designed for premium vehicles, which has been manufactured in the generative design lab that the company has in their Derio (Bizkaia) site.

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