Expert Secrets to Winning Projects: Overheard in the Big Room

Expert Secrets to Winning Projects: Overheard in the Big Room

Today’s contractors need to be strategic about winning new work to keep their businesses growing and profitable. But that’s easier said than done. So, what is the key to winning new work? The answer to that varies based on who you talk to, but there are some common themes, like good communication, a quality product and excellent project management.

In the Big Room, an online community where you can communicate, collaborate, work on new ideas, and grow together with other construction professionals who also use Autodesk Construction Cloud, you can discuss this exact question and other hot topics. In this content series, Overheard in the Big Room, we’ll go over some of the top conversations on this topic — how to win more work — so you can help boost your business and see the return on investment that you want out of your efforts. Join the Big Room today to get involved in the conversation now. 

For now, let’s take a look at some of the latest highlights from industry experts who believe they hold the keys to winning new work in an ever-changing landscape in the field of construction. 

Strategizing for Success  

There are plenty of ways to start winning work, from improving diversity in your company to trying out the latest technology. Having the right approach can make all the difference as you work to impress clients and create quality results.  

Here are some ideas from professionals working in the industry today. 

Diversity Matters 

Diversity, whether it’s in the form of unique project experience or diverse hiring practices, can make a difference when seeking out new jobs. Diversity can improve innovation and give you new perspectives that help you resolve problems faster. 

What should your business be keeping in mind?  

“It’s important to have diverse project backgrounds, have good project management, and to be willing to think outside the box. Be able to pull from previous experiences on projects that may not be directly related.” - Michael Isaak, Design Manager at AECOM

“Show off your diverse project backgrounds, have good project management, and be willing to think outside the box.” - a building designer 

“Having the staff for diverse project backgrounds and technical abilities.” - Nick Smilek, Structural CADD Designer & Revit Structural Designer at Moffatt & Nichol  


Good communication can lead to better outcomes on any projects you complete, and that communication can mean that you get repeat business and better marketing via word of mouth. 

Happy clients can mean more projects for your team in the future, and happy workers means a stronger team available to meet the needs of those clients.

“Project Management is HUGE. If work is sent out when it’s supposed to be, and there is quality information, we win. Teamwork and communication throughout the project allows for a smoother project.” - Taylor Beddow, Project engineer at b2E 

Simply put– “Communication, communication, communication…” - Spencer Pursley, Critical Environment Engineer at QTS 

Build a Good Reputation 

Your reputation will precede you. With no reputation, no one knows what to expect of you, but without a good reputation, it may be harder to win work if you can win it at all. Focusing on a positive connection with clients, team members, and others in the community is key. 

“A company’s reputation also plays a key role (in winning work)! When an external party makes a comment on the quality of work, it usually relates more to the design and build quality. But, when it comes to clients and their impression, (that feedback) is definitely something that has been constantly building up along the way from the very beginning through coordination, from problem solving through completion. Most importantly, that’s feedback on how they like and enjoy being part of the teamwork. I believe projects would just fall naturally back to the company if the above is done right.” - an architectural technologist

“You need a reputation of great professionalism, technical abilities, savoir faire, and innovation. This is mostly a case of quality and type projects delivered, where you can see the quality speaks for itself. This quality leads to recommendations and relationships that are maintained through small gestures to thank clients for the confidence they put in us and our abilities.” - Frederick Charles, Président/Ingénieur Structure at BTP Concept 

Have the Right Experience and Relationships  

The right experience to complete a job well makes sure the work gets done, but having good relationships is also important. You have to know the right people in and outside of the field to help you win more jobs and get them done with the quality expected.  

What does it take? 

“Experience and ingenuity” - an engineer 

“Relationships and established project teams with relevant experience have been key in our work winning strategy.” - Steve Rollo, National BIM/VDC Manager at Graham Construction & Engineering LP

“Staff experience, corporate experience, approach/methodology, schedule, and price…” - an intern architect 

Use Technology to Boost Your Business 

Technology can make a difference when you’re trying to win new projects. Good technology helps your business be more transparent and competitive. It can also make bidding on projects easier, making it possible to bid on projects that are a better fit for your team.  

Choose the Best Technology 

“Technology that adds value to projects, like BIM, always increases the chances of getting more work. Having other company partners, who work together in a good environment, makes everyone “share” customers so everyone wins.” - Eduardo Flores Schoenau, Director / BIM Manager at D'Accoddi BIM Consulting 

Customers are looking for quality and to save money. “Construction companies need the biggest bang for their buck, cutting costs without sacrificing product. That usually comes with using the best technology available.” - a technology specialist

“I totally agree with what Michael says, because there is value in making the investment profitable and reducing costs without sacrificing the product — that comes hand in hand with the use of the latest technology. These are important factors that determine earning more work, and it is true that reputation and professional quality will always play an important role in the deciding factors.” -Jonas Alberto Vidal Valdivia, Autodesk featured publisher at ATC Cubicomp 

Take a Deeper Dive Into Conversations in the Big Room

Whether you’re interested in learning about winning bigger projects or building a better team, there is lots to explore online in the Big Room. 

Ready to see more? Check out all the Big Room has to offer and become a part of the conversation with other professionals by joining the Big Room today. 

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