Watch Now: Winning with Digital Preconstruction

digital preconstruction event recap videos

Yesterday, Autodesk Construction Cloud was thrilled to host our first-ever virtual event dedicated entirely to preconstruction.  

Our sessions dove into:  

  • How to get the most out of digital opportunities in preconstruction  
  • Key insights from a survey to over 1,000 preconstruction professionals  
  • Deep dives into model coordination, quantification, bidding, and qualification  
  • Recommendations from experts on how to successfully navigate the digital journey  

As Allison Scott said in her opening keynote, “Over the last several years, the use of construction technology to connect the way we work has grown exponentially.” This trend has been accelerated even further by the current working environment: according to a recent report released by Cisco, 58% of construction executives have adopted new technology due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 75% think these changes will help their companies emerge even stronger from the crisis. 

In response to the pressing need for construction organizations to digitize their preconstruction workflows, our speakers shared strategies for choosing the right technology solutions, ensuring successful adoption at scale, and more. In case you missed it or want to share the content with the rest of your team, here are the recordings from every session.   

The Future of Connected Construction 


Autodesk Construction Cloud’s Allison Scott (Director, Construction Thought Leadership and Customer Marketing) walks through the meaning of connected construction and the digital journey with a focus on setting projects up for success with preconstruction. Learn where teams are today, key challenges they’ll face in the future, and how technology can help them win long-term. 

How Leaders in Preconstruction Drive Digital Transformation 


Dustin DeVan (VP of Construction Industry Strategy at Autodesk and BuildingConnected founder) shares how leaders in preconstruction are using technology to win more work and ensure project success by focusing on three key areas: Technology, People, and Process. 

Connecting the Dots with IPD: How Collaborative Construction Drives Better Project Outcomes 


Jennifer Hancock (Vice President Collaborative Construction at Chandos) explains how her company is driving greater collaboration during preconstruction with digital technology. She shares how to better empower project teams, add greater value to design and constructability, and deliver better outcomes through innovation.  

Breakout Session #1: Hiring, Retaining, and Enabling BIM Talent at Your Firm


Top BIM experts from Herrero Builders, Joeris General Contractors, and Autodesk Construction Cloud discuss best practices for hiring and retaining talent, how to empower your BIM team, and more.  

Breakout Session #2: 3 Keys to Achieving Better Bidding and Qualification Processes 


Preconstruction teams increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve predictability when they lean into digital solutions. Learn how bidding and risk management teams can focus on three key aspects of their digital tech stack to expand profitability.  

Breakout Session #3: How Subcontractors Win More Work with Digital Bidding Technology 


See how you can bid smarter and more competitively with the right digital tools to manage bids. Kevin Ferguson (Product Marketing Manager at Autodesk) walks through how he led digital transformation as a bid manager at Cayman National Manufacturing and Installation, a subcontractor in Florida.  

The “Winning with Digital Preconstruction” Spotify Playlist  

By popular demand, here’s a link to the Spotify playlist we created for the event. 

Learn More About Autodesk Construction Cloud 

We’re so happy that so many innovative preconstruction professionals were able to join us for “Winning in Digital Preconstruction” and look forward to connecting even more with our community in the future! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our preconstruction solutions.  



McKenzie Gregory

McKenzie Gregory was a Content Marketing Manager at Autodesk Construction Solutions.