Watch Now: Create Competitive and Accurate Bids with BuildingConnected

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Estimators need to compare subcontractor bids apples-to-apples, but it’s time-consuming and inefficient to manually enter information and sift through Excel spreadsheets.

With BuildingConnected, estimating teams have one place to solicit bids, qualify subs, and identify the best bid—creating a faster and more accurate process.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the best bid for each bid package
  • Add direct and indirect costs to the total forecast of the project with our latest bid leveling updates
  • Reduce unforeseen project costs and risk
  • Save time by sending out invites, qualifying subs, and soft-awarding bids in one place

Didn’t have time to watch the webinar?

Here’s a quick recap.

We know that general contractors face a lot challenges when creating accurate and competitive bids, such as:

  1. Analyzing bids or proposals from subcontractors ​in different formats ​
  2. Finding qualified subcontractors ​
  3. Tracking information across different systems ​
  4. Capturing all necessary costs to reduce unforeseen costs​

These challenges are compounded when they have to work in tools that don’t connect with each other.

With BuildingConnected Pro, general contractors have one platform they can use to streamline and centralize the bidding process.

Here’s a deeper dive into the features that help with creating an accurate and competitive bid.

Custom bid forms: Standardize cost breakouts from subcontractors

  • Create project-specific or scope-specific bid forms
  • Add line items, alternate, inclusions, and more for the subcontractor to fill out

Bid leveling: Compare bids accurately in apples-to-apples format

  • Find the lowest and most qualified bidder
  • Add plugs, notes, colored cells, and more to collaborate with team members
  • Use qualification data while leveling bids with the TradeTapp integration

Indirect project costs: Add additional costs not included in the bid packages to capture an accurate forecasted total cost

  • Add general conditions, insurance, contingency, fees, taxes and more
  • After entering all costs associated with the project, a forecasted total project cost can be found at the bottom

In summary, investing in a bid management solution is paramount in order to create competitive and accurate bids.

With BuildingConnected, estimators can easily manage the entire bidding process in one place and win more work.

To see how BuildingConnected Pro can help your business grow, request a demo. 

Christina Hu

Christina Hu was a copywriter at Autodesk Construction Solutions.