Virtual BIM-MEP Aus Construction Innovation Forum 2020

Virtual BIM-MEP Aus Construction Innovation Forum 2020

State lockdowns, a coronavirus, world pandemic and recession will not stop the Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) from taking place next month. Over 400 mechanical, electrical and plumbing head contractors, consultants/engineers, suppliers and manufacturers are expected to participate in the two-day, fully immersive virtual conference, beginning 7 October.

As one of the premier BIM events in Asia Pacific, the conference has been adapted in 2020 in order to adhere to COVID-19 health guidelines and travel restrictions. Enhancements such as the introduction of a Network Café and a Japanese translated stream make it another not to miss event. Read on to learn more.

What is The Construction Innovation Forum?

Organised by the Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors' Association (AMCA), Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) is an essential event on the annual building and construction calendar in Australia. This year it will explore how the industry is using current global challenges as a catalyst for transformation and industrialised construction.

With a focus on demonstrating how technological advances meet best practice applications, the conference has been designed to bring together thought leaders and practitioners from across the globe to discuss and share information on a strategic and practical industry level.

Autodesk is a platinum sponsor again, having proudly supported the conference since its inception 11 years ago.

What to Expect in 2020

For the first time an international MC, Simon Waller will be on hand to welcome delegates, ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time and there is ongoing conversation; as well as keep things moving throughout the entire conference. Simon is a futurologist and the author of Analogosaurus: How to avoid extinction in a world of digital business.

Our very own Head of Industrialised Construction Strategy, Amy Marks will also be presenting a keynote on Day 2. Amy has an extensive background in the prefabrication and modular construction industry. Amy will speak about the advances being made by MEP subcontractors as construction becomes, by necessity more predictable and sustainable.

In a separate session, Kyle Bernhardt will present Autodesk Building Design Strategy, explaining the design side of industrialised construction.

The line-up also includes other experienced international and Australian practitioners providing practical case studies and ideas about how forward-thinking companies can integrate BIM and digital engineering into their everyday practices with demonstrable improvements in cost, timeliness, risk management and productivity.

To accommodate for the virtual experience, Q & A sessions will be extended and several facilitated workshops will be available – allowing delegates to choose between practical content that best suits their own job roles, experience and educational needs.

Also, look out for the online sponsor expo and café. The Network Café facilitates virtual networking and replicates the in-room version of meet and greets – where delegates simply click in and virtually find a seat at a table. Here you will be able to listen to special guests and panels, break into smaller groups for more personal conversations and easily share electronic business cards, LinkedIn connections and calendar invites.

A First: Japanese Language 

With no geographical restrictions or a limit on how many people can attend, CIF is able to better accommodate Japanese delegates for the first time in 2020.

In the past a great many delegates have travelled from Japan to attend the conference in person. This year, they can attend virtually and hear first-hand best practice approaches and how they apply to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation’s BIM guidelines.

In addition, other topics covered at CIF this year for all delegates will include: why standardisation and BIM adoption has been making such strong progress across ANZ and internationally; why Revit has become the standardised tool within the industry; and, what kind of ecosystems are supporting the MEP industry.

Five Tips for Attending Virtual Conferences

With so much to see and do, you’ll want to be sure you’re prepared to get the most out from the conference this year. Here is are some tips for preparing and attending the virtual Construction Innovation Forum in 2020:

Accommodation.  Flights, accommodation and packing have been replaced with setting up and ensuring that you have your audio and visual hardware tested, a comfortable area to sit and maybe even a preprepared lunch and snacks in the fridge for break times. And, don’t forget to reduce your distractions – turn your phone to silent, close down Slack and Teams and put an out of office on your email!

Networking. The adage, “don’t forget your business cards” has been replaced with “make sure your LinkedIn page is up-to-date” (those you meet will look you up!). Better yet, look up the speakers prior to the conference and jot down any industry related questions you might want to ask them. That way you will know who to ‘look’ for at the Network Café and have a conversation starter. Putting faces to the many names you will see also helps down the track when you reconnect.

Planning your ancillary itinerary. When signing up for a conference or event, you are almost always given a program, or itinerary. But your personal itinerary around that program should also be developed. Many of your peers, potential partners and possible future clients will also be in attendance and this means lots of opportunities to attend those ancillary functions, to reconnect, meet and learn.

Social media and photos. Don’t wait until the first day of the conference to see what others are saying! In addition to your own LinkedIn      page, stay informed by following CIF on Facebook and/or Twitter – most conferences will let you know how to connect and provide a hashtag.

For example, Autodesk Construction Cloud uses the hashtag #ConnectedConstruction or #AutodeskConstructionCloud. Start today with something like: “Just signed up for #CIF2020 in APAC on 7 Oct – see you there!” By posting ahead of the event, you are more likely to ‘meet’ other likewise organised people and then you will have a ‘friendly’ face to speak to on the day.

Note taking. A final social media tip – forget pages and pages of note taking, after each presentation write down a tweet-length summary of what you heard and post it on your own page! Your fellow attendees will do the same and you are more likely to retain the main points. Adding the hashtag to the post will also allow you to see what others have taken away from the same session!

Plus, every single session of CIF 2020 will be recorded and made available to registered delegates during and after the conference – so registered delegates can attend every session without having to choose one topic over another because they are scheduled at the same time. This also makes note taking easier – instead of taking copious notes during the session – just jot down questions you have in the questions and answers/chat bar and three key take-aways at the end. If you need to refer back or attend one you missed, you can.

Register for CIF 2020 Today

While the Construction Innovation Forum may have a few new components this year – some things will not change and it will continue to have a positive impact on business professionals, offering an opportunity to develop new professional relationships, reconnect with peers, gain knowledge and become more successful.

See you there! Virtually, of course. Register here.