Valuing Every Voice: Autodesk Sponsors Construction Safety Week 2024

Autodesk sponsors construction safety week

Safety is about going home as you’ve arrived. 

Safety is about more than day-to-day operations on a construction site – it's about ensuring that every worker goes home safe and sound, just as they arrived.  

People are at the core of Autodesk's commitment to construction safety, and we’re thrilled to announce our sponsorship of Construction Safety Week 2024, taking place from May 6-11. This year's theme, "Value Every Voice," emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and collaboration in creating a safe working environment. 

Safety is not an isolated concern; it is a vital pillar that supports the entire construction industry. A culture of inclusion enables people to operate safely, while feeling safe in their jobs. This extends far beyond physical security to include mental health and psychological safety as well. At a time when workforce shortages are persistent throughout construction, this is vital to not just attracting new talent, but keeping great people to build a lasting foundation in the industry.

Ultimately, a culture of inclusion ensures physical safety by creating an environment where potential hazards are identified and addressed before they become incidents. It also promotes mental well-being, allowing everyone to operate safely and confidently in their roles. 

What is Construction Safety Week?

During Construction Safety Week, over 70 construction firms from the United States and Canada unite to promote education and awareness throughout the industry. This annual event serves as a powerful platform for sharing best practices, tools, and resources to advance a culture of safety at job sites and offices across North America. 

How Autodesk is Supporting Construction Safety Week

This year, Autodesk is planning a suite of resources for safety professionals and their teams. In our global construction community, The Big Room, we will be initiating forum discussions and collecting top safety tips from our members to be shared on Autodesk construction social channels. You can find resources on our blog about scaling safety programs and using tech to create effective toolbox talks using the kit made available by Construction Safety Week. These join our suite of safety resources, which includes the safety toolkit, a safety technology ebook, and safety case studies.   

In addition to these resources, we are excited to offer two new webinars during Construction Safety Week. The first, Scaling Safety Programs: Turning near misses into good catches with practical solutions in Autodesk Construction Cloud is hosted by Alyssa Schear, Technical Solutions Executive at Autodesk and Rachel Beaudry, Customer Success Manager at Autodesk. The second webinar, Building Solid Foundations: A Conversation on why mental health matters in Construction, will be hosted by Mark Dyke, a tenured professor of Construction Technology & Management at Ferris State University, Dan Smolilo, Technical Solutions Executive at Autodesk, and Tori Anderson, Product Marketing Manager at Autodesk.  

Additional Construction Safety Week Resources

Safety Week was founded by several leading contractors in the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) and the Incident & Injury Free Executive Forum (IIF).  
For a full list of Safety Week members, partners, and sponsors and additional information, visit their website.  
For more information on Autodesk Construction Cloud’s capabilities in construction safety management workflows, visit our resource hub.

Resource Hub

Autodesk is proud to champion safety in construction and play an active role in Construction Safety Week 2024. By emphasizing the voices of all workers and providing valuable resources and education, we believe that safety can be prioritized, and incidents can be prevented. Together, let's scale up safety, so that every worker goes home safely every day. 

Allison Scott

Allison Scott is Director, Customer Experience & Industry at Autodesk. Leveraging over a decade in the architecture and construction industries, Alli is a “technology translator” who supports customer experience and industry advocacy within the Customer Success team at Autodesk. She oversees the strategy and execution of customer-centric programs that complement the customer journey to help construction teams gain the most value out of their technology investments, and foster loyalty and trust. Alli has been a key contributor for Autodesk’s leading-edge approach to customer experience, including formalizing customer listening programs for construction, a highly rated global executive council program, a growing online community, and industry impact programs that help drive change for issues like safety, upskilling/labor shortage and DE&I. Prior to Autodesk, she supported the national innovation group of Skanska USA's construction division helping to investigate and integrate game-changing tech like BIM/VDC, wearables, IoT/sensors, and drones onto the jobsite, and built business strategy for new products and services inspired by innovation endeavors. Alli holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Arts Management from Emerson College and an MBA in Innovation and Design Management from Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School. When not exploring the next great emerging tech, Alli can be found tending to her herb garden or spending time along the rocky shores of Massachusetts or lakeside in Maine with her architect-husband and young son.