8 Most Popular 2022 On-Demand Construction Webinars

construction webinars

It’s impossible to know everything about construction, especially as the industry evolves at such a rapid clip. It makes continued learning a path worth following. In fact, whether it’s a single webinar or larger event, skilling up tends to pay off in dividends.

So, whether you’re learning new things yourself, or sending this list to your team, here’s eight of our most popular on-demand construction webinars from all of 2022. 

You’ll find a diverse spread of topics relevant to general contractors, subcontractors, and owners. There’s webinars for designers, precon managers, estimators, BIM/VDC specialists, project execs, project managers, field teams, and more.

These webinars are free to watch whenever you have time so make sure to bookmark this article and come back if you don’t have time now. Lastly, since the topics cover different areas of construction, and are fit for different types of roles, they’re in no particular order.

1. Adopting Cloud-Based Technology in Construction for Better Cost Management

Technology can help teams better manage cost activities, but many are hesitant to change cost-related processes and procedures. Michael Doughton, Operations Manager at Donohoe Construction, joins this webinar to discuss about what led his team to take the leap and change their cost management practices and the value they see in Cost Management with Autodesk Build.

Key learnings:

  • Cost management technology evaluation tips for teams to consider
  • ERP Integration process for future success
  • Key cost management improvements with Autodesk Build

2. Powering Preconstruction and Prefabrication workflows with BIM and Assemble

Design-build and design-assist projects require immense attention to details as the design progresses from various stages of design development to 100% CD. Join us for a live webinar, where we talk to John Reinhardt, Director of Virtual Design and Construction and Ryan Wagner, Self-Perform Project Manager at Flint Builders to understand how they approach such projects with ease. Learn how the team at Flint Builders leverages leading technologies including BIM and Assemble for model checking and identifying changes between design iterations to quickly track impact on cost and procurement.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use Assemble to improve common preconstruction workflows
  • Benefits of using Assemble to identify variances between design iterations
  • Discover how Assemble can aid in prefabrication workflow

3. The Benefits of Adopting a Construction Platform

Are you interested in hearing directly from industry experts on how adopting the right construction technology has improved their workflows and productivity? If so, join us for this live discussion panel featuring prominent leaders in the construction industry. You’ll learn how they selected and implemented technology to improve the collaborative nature of their own construction projects. Each of our speakers will share how technology has improved the way they work, from boosting collaboration to enhancing their communication processes. In just 30 minutes, you’ll gain insight into:

The common barriers that make it tough to adopt construction technology (and how to overcome them).

  • How to communicate with hesitant parties across the entire project team.
  • Choosing the right software vendor and how to partner with them.
  • The right way to train your team to use new technology.

4. [Fireside Chat] Winning More Work with Better Project Management

How to win more work is a hot topic on General Contractors’ brains. The key to winning projects? Better project management from start to finish. Join Miller-Davis Company and the Autodesk Construction Cloud team to find out how cloud-based technology workflows lead to strengthened project management practices – and more work.

This is a discussion you won’t want to miss! In this webinar, we’ll learn more about:

  • The value of digitizing and connecting your workflows and data
  • Reducing rework (and the costs associated with it)
  • Mitigating risk upfront with intelligent project data
  • How adopting cloud-based construction management technology optimizes workflows and your bottom line

5. Cloud Estimating: The Secret to Winning More Bids

Learn how cloud-based technology can unlock accuracy and efficiency while connecting your team, cutting costs, and creating (and winning) more bids.

This webinar will cover:

  • Defining ‘the cloud' in simple terms
  • Assessing the ROI of cloud solutions
  • Applying cloud-technology to estimating
  • Winning more work with connected estimating solutions

6. Connected and Collaborative: How Owners and Contractors Win in the Same Platform

Reduce risk for everyone and remove productivity impacts by bringing owners and contractors in the same platform. Join Barton Malow, General Motors, and the Autodesk Construction Cloud team to find out if it's worth it.

In this webinar, we’ll learn more about:

  • The decision to collaborate in one system
  • Connecting workflows across teams and companies
  • Sharing data for short-term wins
  • Retaining data ownership for the long-term gain 

7. The life of a model: design, coordination, and the field

If you had to guess, how much of a construction project is "make or break" about communication?

We’ve found that around 52% of all rework is caused by poor communication. That’s a shocking statistic! But it also indicates a lot of upside potential. It can be tough to find new talent these days. Finding someone who can read and interpret various forms of communication can be even more difficult. That’s why we believe the model is a necessary method of communication—and as we make it easier for everyone to digest models in each phase of construction—communication across teams becomes easier.

 In this webinar, we’ll cover the life of a model, from design to coordination and installation. We’ll show how a model gets refined virtually before hitting the site and how teams in the field can use models to effectively communicate concerns and progress to project stakeholders. The webinar will cover how a model moves from stage to stage and from product to product. Products include Revit, Navisworks, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, and the PlanGrid Build app.

8. Strategies to grow your business in a competitive market

Learn from construction veteran Barbara L. Garrett, LEED AP, on strategies subcontractors can implement to win more and continue to grow your business.

With labor and materials shortages and limited financial resources, it’s no secret that construction is a competitive market. So how do you differentiate yourself in the market to win the jobs you want? Is your current strategy working for your team? In this webinar, you’ll learn more about:

  • Making data-driven bidding decisions
  • Investing in the right GC and financial partners
  • Executing jobs reliably and consistently for continued success
  • Register now to secure your spot. And if you can’t make the live webinar, register anyway to receive a recording after.

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