Introducing the New Takeoff Tool for Bid Board Pro 

new takeoff tool bid board pro

Switching between different applications as you move through the different phases of preconstruction can be a huge pain. Not only is it time-consuming, it also makes it easy for errors or have bids slip through the cracks. If you're not working from the most up to date project information and filesit can lead to mistakes that have huge repercussions later in the project lifecycle.  

To solve this problem, we created Bid Board Pro: one platform that has the tools subcontractors need to bring every project from invitation to bid to proposal. You won’t have to constantly track down the right information or latest files, and your team will be able to receive invites, manage bids, and send proposals all from one place.  

We’ve released a new takeoff tool in Bid Board Pro, so you can do even more with your online bid board. You’ll be able to complete takeoffs faster while eliminating costly errors, giving you more time to bid on projects and build your business.   

Why Are Takeoffs Better in Bid Board Pro?

To use our new takeoff tool, you can simply open the drawings you recieve from your general contractor in Bid Board Pro and start your takeoffno printouts or transferring files needed. Because your takeoffs are housed in your online bid board, you take full advantage of the same cloud-based infrastructure that makes Bid Board Pro so great.   

Your team can work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. As your team works on the takeoff, updates will automatically sync, so everyone is always working from the latest and greatest version. And, because you’ll be working from one set of shared plans, you’ll never have problems with outdated files or duplicative work. Plus, all your data is housed securely on our platform. Your takeoffs will only be accessible by your team.  

Bid Board Pro new takeoff feature

What You Can Achieve with Bid Board Pro

Having one place to handle your bid management process reduces the amount of time you need to spend on each bid, so you can spend more time winning work. You’ll work faster and more efficiently, all while reducing the inevitable errors that come from data siloes. Bid Board Pro gives you everything you need to manage your bids in one place.  

Learn more about our new takeoff tool, here

Christina Hu

Christina Hu was a copywriter at Autodesk Construction Solutions.