Be Strategic About Your Cash Flow: New Opportunity for Autodesk Construction Cloud Users


Construction companies juggle many different risks and responsibilities as they strive to grow their businesses, or simply survive in an uncertain economy.

As such, it is essential to understand your complete financial picture to succeed. By monitoring and managing your working capital and cash flow, you’ll know with confidence if you have the ability to bid on and complete new projects, while being prepared to afford labor, materials, and general expenses knowing it could be 60 to 90 days before you see payment.

Lack of financial strategy runs the risk of missed new opportunities, letting your cash to sit when it could be put to work, or overextending yourself.

A great way to mitigate these risks is to establish credit and have financing options open to help with cashflow gaps. Good financing ensures you’ll have the capital necessary to successfully complete all the projects you want to take on while protecting your bottom line.

At Autodesk, we’re collaborating with financial solutions provider Billd to help subcontractors be more strategic about their cashflow – all while maintaining a strong working capital position during an economic downturn.

Why Get Financing with Billd?

Billd offers its customers financing on materials purchases with 120-day payment terms. With these longer terms, you’ll have better cash flow to help you make the decisions that will grow your business faster. Billd pays your supplier upfront, in cash, giving you cash-buyer negotiating power. With Billd, you can run your business on your own terms, getting the capital you need to take on larger, more exciting projects. It’s free to enroll and there are no obligations once you sign up.

Rebate Offer for Autodesk Construction Cloud Subscribers

Billd is offering all Autodesk Construction Cloud subscribers a $7,000 rebate on their first $100,000 of construction materials purchased using Billd’s materials financing. You must redeem the offer within the first six months of enrolling. With this rebate program you can free up your cash and save you thousands on your next project.

Check out these details to see more about how Billd can start working for you.

Kyle McGee

Strategic Partnerships Manager at Autodesk