Specialty Contractors Leverage PlanGrid in Record Numbers to Increase Productivity and Decrease Risk

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San Francisco, CA -- August 6, 2018 -- PlanGrid, the leader in construction productivity software, today announced it is experiencing record growth among specialty contractors. The company now works with more than 2,500 customers specializing in mechanical, electric, plumbing, concrete, drywall and other trades, including more than half of the 100 highest-grossing subcontractors, as ranked by Engineering News-Record. PlanGrid’s easy-to-use mobile-first technology gives subcontractors independent control of all construction data, empowering them to communicate in real-time with project stakeholders and keep up with changes while continuing to maximize productivity.

PlanGrid demonstrates immediate ROI for global and U.S. subcontracting firms such as:

  • Rosendin Electric: one of the largest electrical contractors in the U.S. with an international project portfolio and offices nationwide
  • TDIndustries: one of the Southwestern U.S.'s top mechanical construction and facilities services companies, based in Texas
  • Premier Concrete: full-service concrete subcontractor focused on projects in New England
  • Daley Air: U.K.-based firm specializing in corporate and industrial ductwork, ventilation, heat recovery and air conditioning
  • Reinforced Structures: leading concrete subcontractor in Florida whose projects include the Dali Museum and the Miami Art Museum
  • IMC Construction: mechanical subcontractor with projects in the U.S., Caribbean and Central America

“One of the toughest aspects of the job is making sure we have enough people for the work and coordinating them across different projects,” said Sam Lamonica, CIO of Rosendin Electric. “PlanGrid makes it easier to anticipate changes that require a shift in resources, always work from the most current set of drawings, and integrate with general contractors’ existing technology and processes. Since it’s so easy to use, our field team has widely adopted PlanGrid and we gain great economies of scale when we implement it across all our projects.”

PlanGrid helps specialty contractors work efficiently and get paid for the work they do

Subcontractors and their associated field workers make up the vast majority of labor costs in the $13 trillion global construction industry, with the top 600 US firms alone generating $112 billion of revenue, according to ENR.

Unfortunately, specialty contractors face a wide range of problems that keep them from working productively. Disproportionately burdened by current industry labor shortages, they are often tasked with staffing a number of simultaneous projects and need every team member to work as efficiently as possible. Subcontractors are also frequently at the mercy of unpredictable scope and schedule changes driven by the general contractor (GC), or other firms that can number into the dozens. Complex coordination around these changes requires timely communication to all team members involved, which can be challenging given the size and scattered location of teams. Accurate documentation throughout the project lifecycle is necessary to avoid risks, such as not getting paid for completed work or accusations that work is not built to plan.

PlanGrid empowers subcontractors to standardize communications, processes and documentation across all projects independent of other project stakeholders, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Acting as a central hub, PlanGrid documents and updates all data in real-time from any device and scales across hundreds of jobsites. Features like punchlists, hyperlinked progress photos, and full sheet search give teams the ability to easily deal with scope changes and mitigate risk and rework. By documenting and sharing all information such as sheets, shop drawings and installation manuals, subcontractors can capture the history of work to ensure faster, complete payment.

“Specialty contractors are in a difficult position within the industry,” said Tracy Young, CEO of PlanGrid. “Their success depends on their ability to easily collaborate with a broad range of stakeholders, stay up-to-date on constant changes and account for completed work that often isn’t included in the initial scope. Subcontractors are increasingly turning to PlanGrid to take more control of their success and standardize across all their projects, rather than adapting technology and processes that can vary from jobsite to jobsite.”

To learn more about how PlanGrid drives value for subcontractors, read about how Power Design, one of the largest subcontractors in America, is using the platform to achieve $4.3 million productivity savings per year.

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PlanGrid builds simple, powerful software construction teams love to use. The company’s mobile-first technology gives general contractors, subs, owners and architects access to information in real-time, enables great collaboration and provides actionable insights. With PlanGrid, any construction team member can manage and update blueprints, specs, photos, RFIs, field reports, punchlists and other information from any device. PlanGrid is used on more than one million projects across commercial, heavy civil and other industries in 90 countries. Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2011, PlanGrid has $69 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, Tenaya Capital and other top venture capital firms. Visit us at www.plangrid.com