Streamline the Closeout Process with Pype Closeout’s New Turnover Package Designer 

pype closeout turnover package designer

A turnover package is essential to closing out every project. Yet, creating a turnover package is still a significant pain point for most project teams. 

Beyond the structure and format, quality matters.Your turnover package is the last impression you leave on a project, and the quality of every deliverable handed over to the client is critical to building this trust. Earning your client’s trust is essential to winning repeat business and building your reputation as a general contractor. When an owner is handed over a branded and comprehensive turnover package, they can feel assured they have the needed information to move forward into operations.

Contractors want to build professional looking and branded turnover packages that impress their clients, fast. So how can a team streamline and standardize such a personalized process?

Introducing the Closeout Turnover Package Designer within Pype Closeout


With Pype Closeout’s new feature, Closeout Turnover Package Designer, your project teams can easily streamline the closeout process. Now you can intuitively create turnover packages that are fully customizable to the needs of your clients. Using intuitive UI and tools within Closeout, design elements can be customized to keep the package in line with your (or your client’s) branding, including:

  • Text boxes and fonts
  • Images
  • Watermarks
  • Backgrounds
  • Headings
  • Logos
  • And more

Save Time Without Sacrificing Quality  

Traditionally, a lot of time and labor goes into the closeout process, especially when project teams are scurrying around to collect documents from hundreds of different people and turn them into an acceptable package, all before the final project completion date.

With Pype Closeout’s new feature, teams can save time while creating comprehensive turnover packages. Your cover page, slips sheets, and internally hyperlinked table of contents are all automatically placed by the software as it compiles your final package, incorporating your changes in design and file organization.

Standardize Closeout 

Document management is a tedious, time-consuming task, especially with closeout documents. When it comes to closeout at the end of a project, a lack of standardization makes compiling an organized and high-quality package a challenge for many contractors.

The Closeout Turnover Package Designer settings can all be saved as company themes for use within your organization, making this process standardized across your entire portfolio (and even easier for project teams to use). With Closeout’s automatic document collection and progress dashboards, Pype streamlines your document closeout process while improving the quality of your deliverable.

Create better turnover packages, help your client succeed, and win repeat business by using Pype Closeout today. Learn more here. 

Sarah Lee

Head of Pype Marketing, Autodesk