Tried and True Workflows for Precon/Prefab with BIM and Assemble [Webinar] 

Tried and True Workflows for Precon/Prefab with BIM and Assemble [Webinar]

It can be difficult to make meaningful changes to your BIM/VDC workflows if you're not learning from others who are doing it well. The challenge, of course, is that open access to another company’s secret sauce isn’t very common.

Lucky for us, one of our Autodesk Assemble customers was kind enough to let us dig into their preconstruction and prefabrication workflows with BIM and Assemble. If you’re a BIM/VDC specialist looking to elevate your workflows, join us on September 15 for a very informative webinar.

Powering Preconstruction and Prefabrication Workflows with BIM and Assemble

September 15th, 2022 at 11:00AM Pacific Time (1PM/2PM CT/ET)

Best for: BIM/VDC Managers, BIM/VDC Specialists, and Project Managers

Design-build and design-assist projects require immense attention to details as the design progresses from various stages of design development to 100% CD.

Join us for a live webinar, where we talk to John Reinhardt, Director of Virtual Design and Construction and Ryan Wagner, Self-Perform Project Manager at Flint Builders to understand how they approach such projects with ease. Learn how the team at Flint Builders leverages leading technologies including BIM and Assemble for model checking and identifying changes between design iterations to quickly track impact on cost and procurement.

We will also cover how quantities from the model in Assemble get utilized to power prefabrication workflows at Flint Builders and how model elements are tracked to take advantage of off-site prefabrication.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use Assemble to improve common preconstruction workflows
  • The benefits of using Assemble to identify variances between design iterations
  • How Assemble can aid in prefabrication workflow


Samira Tily

Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions