Customize and Standardize with These 4 New PlanGrid Features

plangrid product updates features september 2020

Every construction project is unique. Never, will you experience the exact same set of conditions or specifications on one build to the next. At the same time, many processes in construction are repetitive. Whether it’s a daily report, RFI, or submittal, many workflows need to be repeated time and time again over the course of a project.

At PlanGrid, we understand that construction professionals need flexibility when it comes to their software. They need to be able customize processes specific to their project while also standardizing repetitive workflows and tasks.

Our latest product updates offer PlanGrid users options to standardize and customize their use of the software. Here’s what’s new:

Features for Customization

Custom Photo Tags  

Thanks to the new photo tagging capability in the gallery, PlanGrid users can truly leverage the power of photos in sharing information. Team members can create photo tags and add them to any photos uploaded to PlanGrid. Teams can decide what tagging logic they want to use to best capture the information and create the photo tags for their project accordingly. Furthermore, users can also search the gallery based on tags which makes finding a specific photo or video significantly faster.


Custom Sheet Ordering  

With construction drawings sets including drawings from all major trades such as electrical and plumbing, it’s critical teams can find the right sheets quickly. Rolling out this week, PlanGrid’s Custom Sheet Ordering tool enables easy customization and management of your sheets for effective document management, and quick finding across all devices.

For a streamlined workflow, when uploading sheets to a new project, the order will default to the order in which the disciplines were uploaded. On all projects, Project Admins can easily navigate to the new Sheets Order page and quickly drag and drop disciplines into a new order, add new disciplines, and see sheets associated with each discipline.

Features for Standardization and Transparency

Copy Field Report Templates Across Projects  

Users can now easily copy over a field report template to another project in PlanGrid. Thanks to this new feature, admins no longer need to recreate templates. The feature provides users more opportunities to standardize field reports across projects.

Signatures on Native Field Reports  

Native templates can now support signatures. Signatures have a date and an option to add a note. Admins can also make them required and can specify who needs to sign. This feature will also allow users to use the co-editing field report collaboration setting for signature required forms as well.

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Nelli Gyongyosi

Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions