Nightmare on Bid Street

nightmare bid

There’s nothing quite like the last-minute stresses you face days before a bid is due – from chasing subcontractors to re-calculating your costs for the 100th time, finalising all the details can be a nightmare for even the most experienced and skilled bid manager. But what if we told you there was a smarter, more efficient way to streamline and improve the bid process? 

Picture the scene: it’s Monday morning and you’ve made the long commute from the kettle (cuppa in hand, whilst skillfully dodging some foot-crunching Lego) to the dining table to start work.  Maybe you’re still working on site and having faced the dreary commute on a near-empty train, you’ve tapped into the news for an update on the latest happenings. But the world around you sounds more like a scary movie than the planet you inhabit.

Switching on your laptop and your inbox looks like it’s been spammed – did you mistakenly give out your email address to thousands of sales reps over the weekend? Quickly, you recall why you’ve been inundated with messages – you’re close to the end of closing out a bid and the suppliers, after much chasing have mostly, at last, responded. Now all you need to do is decipher their many and varied documents and emails, to pop into Excel so you can easily and fairly compare the details.

Except, none of them match. Some only subtotal their services, others are missing basic information. One looks to be in a different language or might as well be. All you need to do is find the right supplier for the job for the right price and keep the client happy. Not much to ask for on a Monday morning, right?

As comical and perhaps familiar as this might sound, we know it’s not funny. The financial impact that mistakes during tendering can have on a project is huge. Put your hand up if any of these problems resonate: 

  • You're having to manage very manual tools and processes when issuing out bids and tenders.
  • Potential suppliers don’t respond, or they leave it to the last minute to reply with inconsistent information
  • You don’t have a centralised tool to compare or review previous submissions.
  • You can’t easily monitor the progress of a bid or find the contacts you need.

You can put your hand down now. I’m pleased to say that it’s not all bad news – Autodesk can help. Firstly, we’re here to listen. We want to understand the pain points you face when managing the bid process, and have arranged a session for building professionals to share and discuss their challenges around this topic. We have a cloud solution – BuildingConnected – which eliminates many of the common problems bid managers face.

We recently hosted a webinar to show the integration between Bid Board Pro and BuildingConnected Pro. To watch the webinar recording or read over the recap, read the post Introducing Centralized Bid Management: Win More Work with BuildingConnected.

Lisa Jones

Account Executive, UK, Autodesk Construction Solutions