Introducing Centralized Bid Management: Win More Work with BuildingConnected 

centralized bid management

We recently hosted a webinar to show the integration between Bid Board Pro and BuildingConnected Pro. The integration can help MEP and specialty subcontractors win more work by managing and soliciting bids from one place without risking data loss, time, and team collaboration. 

Watch the recording for the full experience, or read this recap to see what we covered. 


Two solutions that revolutionize bidding

BuildingConnected has two bid management solutions: Bid Board Pro and BuildingConnected Pro. With Bid Board Pro, you can manage and prioritize invitations-to-bid from one place. With BuildingConnected Pro, you can easily switch from bidding work to soliciting bids for the same project—and get bids out the door faster. Now, there is an integration between the two solutions that centralizes and streamlines the bidding process so you can focus on winning work. 


Bid Board Pro

In Bid Board Pro, you can keep track of all your bid invites in one place. This makes staying on the same page with team members easy at every stage of the bidding process. You also have all the information you need to put together a proposal as soon as you open a bid. That includes dates, documents, contact information, and project data, such as location and size. 

In addition, Bid Board Pro can help you:

  • Schedule follow-up reminders with clients 
  • Save time by grouping similar jobs from multiple general contractors bidding on the same project
  • View reports and analytics to help you make better decisions about where to spend your time bidding

BuildingConnected Pro

With BuildingConnected Pro, estimators and bid managers can easily switch from bidding on work to soliciting bids for the same project. You’ll be able to eliminate the manual work spent downloading, uploading, putting together email lists, and tracking down contact information. Instead, BuildingConnected Pro makes it easy to create a new project and start sending out bids to other subs or vendors. 


When you’re ready, simply create a new project from the opportunity. Project details will automatically be filled out with information from the opportunity. 

Once you send out invitations to bid, BuildingConnected Pro makes managing bids easy. You can: 

  • See the bidders you’ve invited, see who has viewed and/or accepted the bid, and more 
  • Check the client notification center for any unread messages and files from the client
  • Publish addenda and new files directly to the vendors so they have the most up-to-date information on the project
  • Compare bids in apples-to-apples fashion 

The integration built for MEP and Specialty Subcontractors

Bid Board Pro and BuildingConnected Pro come together to unify and centralize the bidding process. Through this integration, estimators and bid managers can seamlessly connect data and documents, manage communications, and track progress from their team, their clients, and their vendors—all in one place.

Ask an expert to learn more about Bid Board Pro and BuildingConnected Pro.

Christina Hu

Christina Hu was a copywriter at Autodesk Construction Solutions.