Connect Estimating with Cost Management Using the New ProEst Integration with Autodesk Build 

autodesk build and proest integration cost management

Estimation and project phase cost management are two different phases of the same overall project cost lifecycle.  Project phase cost management essentially confirms the accuracy of the estimation phase – so it’s critical these processes remain tightly connected.  

However, when the final cost estimate is handed over to the project team, they’re often manually tasked to reallocate to budget codes. This process inefficiency wastes resources and creates room for errors and risks that can lead to higher costs, schedule overruns, and inevitable finger pointing later down the line. 

Manual processes can lead to “bad data” – data that is inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent, etc. And this bad data comes with serious risks to the project and decision-making. In 2020 alone, bad data was estimated to cost the global construction industry $1.85 trillion in 2020. 

New: ProEst integration with Cost Management in Autodesk Build 

The phases of the project cost lifecycle are interconnected. It's critical we look for opportunities to seamlessly connect workflows to avoid data transfer loss and potential errors. 

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To that end, we’re thrilled to announce that ProEst now integrates with the Cost Management module within Autodesk Build. 

This marks the first integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud since the company’s acquisition of ProEst earlier this year.  

Using ProEst, construction teams can translate project scope into material, labor, and equipment costs to generate accurate project estimates. Then, when the project is awarded, they can convert the estimate from ProEst to the project budget in Autodesk Build with a single click—seamlessly passing the reins to the field team where they can manage all cost activities in a central location. 



Connect your workflows 

This integration links important preconstruction steps like estimating to the construction stage, ensuring that workflows and teams stay connected from day one while also minimizing discrepancies and miscommunication. And by managing cost activities in the same platform as other critical construction management workflows, teams can further connect data and workflows to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profitability.    

Keep teams on the same page 

Much like there is no “I” in “team,” construction projects won’t be possible without the collaboration of multiple people. And just like with any team effort, members must be able to work with the same information to produce winning results.  

The integration of ProEst with Autodesk Construction Cloud makes this possible by allowing project stakeholders to work more efficiently. This integration removes bottlenecks and information silos, so users can spend less time verifying or waiting for data and devote more energy towards optimal tasks.  

Automate tedious tasks 

With this integration, teams can eliminate duplicate data entry, thus saving time and reducing errors. By automatically converting detailed cost estimates generated in ProEst to project budgets in Autodesk Build teams can rest easy knowing their budgets and projections remain up-to-date. 

In-sync cost management coordination 

The Autodesk Build and ProEst integration gets project teams tracking their budget and costs right from the day the project has been awarded. This improves data visibility, which helps construction firms better track performance and make intelligent decisions.  

Get better at estimating and managing costs with Autodesk  

Your estimating and cost management practices can make or break your project’s—and ultimately your firm’s—profitability. That’s why it’s essential to equip your team with the best tools that can get the job done. 

Check out the ProEst integration with Autodesk Build today and learn how you can use our solution to supercharge your projects.  

Grace Choi

Product Marketing Manager, Bid Management, Autodesk Construction Solutions