India's Construction Leaders form Indian Construction Committee (ICC) to Foster Collaboration Towards Digital Transformation Goals

Even though it is a significant contributor to the Indian GDP, the Indian construction industry has struggled to go digital. A lack of digitization has forced the government to reschedule 504 projects, resulting in a 19% increase in the estimated budget.

Recognising the need to work together to address industry challenges, DLF, ITC, Oberoi Realty, Rustomjee, Shapoorji Pallonji, Tata Projects, and Autodesk have come together to establish the Indian Construction Committee (ICC), which aims to support the industry's digital transformation agenda. 

The ICC is committed to nurturing ongoing dialogues, exchanging best practices, and tackling shared hurdles encountered by the construction sector in India. Leveraging the expertise of Autodesk and other technological leaders, the committee endeavours to offer guidance on technical protocols, augment capabilities, and expedite the adoption of digital solutions.

Since its inaugural meeting in May last year, Shapoorji Pallonji has hosted the group and, more recently, ITC on 15 February 2024 at their Bengaluru Headquarters. 

According to P.K. Vijay, General Manager of ITC Limited, "Digitalisation of construction processes creates great opportunities for data analysis which in turn can be used to predict the time and cost of a project, thereby making projects outcomes predictable. It is also beneficial for sustainable construction as it helps in quantitative assessment of material choices for construction, which in turn creates opportunities to lower the embodied carbon in the built environment."

Rahul Mahajan, CIO,CTO and Digital Transformation Specialist of Rustomjee said, "There is a huge potential for digitalization in the Indian Construction Industry to make an impact in the areas of efficiencies/effectiveness, cost optimization and leading a way to safety. However, while digital tools help facilitate collaboration among internal and external stakeholders, an initiative like the Indian Construction Committee brings together business professionals from various organisations and disciplines. Cross-organisation groups such as this bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to the forum, and every member benefits from interacting with the other industry leaders."

As part of Autodesk's commitment to the Indian construction industry, Autodesk R&D provides ICC members with insights into the future public-facing roadmap plans for the Autodesk Construction Cloud and related technologies. 

"Being privy to Autodesk product roadmaps ahead of time helps members plan the implementation strategy suitably for their organisation. Sharing and discussing issues, ideating solutions through cross-learning from each other, and strategizing implementation will certainly help in resolving the challenges faced by the industry."

Other key objectives of the ICC include:

1.   Sharing Best Practices: The committee serves as a forum for sharing best practices from Autodesk's global network. 

2.   Providing Process and Technology Advice: The committee offers advice on common data environment requirements, coordination of infrastructure development, and implementation of Autodesk construction management tools. 

3.   Continuous Learning and Adoption: The committee develops procedures and processes for adopting Autodesk Construction Cloud appropriately and coordinates continuous learning initiatives. 

4.   Unlocking Business Opportunities: The committee will explore ways to leverage the dual expertise of Autodesk and Indian construction leaders to unlock new business opportunities through marketing and communication channels. 

5.   Supporting Training and Development: Autodesk will support Indian construction leaders in their efforts to provide training, learning, and development opportunities for undergraduates and graduates with their career pathways in India. 

The ICC marks a significant step towards advancing the digital transformation of the Indian construction industry. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, the committee aims to drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and support the sector's growth. 

"The creation of the Indian Construction Committee has elevated the industry's digital maturity through knowledge sharing and the adoption of best practices. New ideas to solve industry-wide issues are hard to come by from people within the same company, and seeking different perspectives is crucial. This forum has helped ITC in many ways, including identifying the next steps towards digitalization." Madhu Aravind, Project Manager ITC.

Sumit Oberoi

Sumit Oberoi is the Senior Manager, Industry Strategist APAC at Autodesk. In his role, he is a key contributor in defining and executing strategic construction priorities. Sumit previous role was National Director and Victorian Executive Director with the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA). Sumit was instrumental in the development of the BIM-MEP-AUS Initiative from its inception in 2010. Sumit is a passionate industry advocate who believes in helping industry deliver quality projects through construction innovation. Sumit formerly held directorships with Plumbing Joint Training Fund, Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services Exhibition, and Australian Refrigeration Council. He also represented the AMCA at the Australian Construction Industry Forum and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.