Have You Tried? Specifications in Autodesk Build and Docs 

With hundreds of updates to Autodesk Construction Cloud products in the last year alone, keeping tabs on all these new changes can feel overwhelming. Chances are you’ve heard about recent big, highlighted releases such as the enhanced model viewer on mobile and the work planning capabilities in Schedule. But you might not have heard about some of the latest understated but high-impact product enhancements. 

We are excited to announce our new “Have You Tried” blog series. Each month, we'll highlight one of our recently released features within our Autodesk Construction Cloud portfolio that may have flown under your radar. Whether you’ve started using them or not, all the features highlighted in this series have the same things in common: they will improve your user experience and enhance productivity for your team. 

This month, we're highlighting the new Specifications tool within Autodesk Build and Autodesk Docs. 

What is the Specifications tool? 

Autodesk recently released specification management capabilities in Autodesk Build and Docs that enable teams to easily upload, section, and manage text-heavy specification documents throughout the project lifecycle. Powered by Autodesk AI and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, the tool splits apart large specification documents into more digestible sections for every involved stakeholder, from architects to GCs and owners, to reference in the office and field.  

With quick, easy access to specification documents on web and iOS, teams can view, search, and filter across versions to locate the relevant information from anywhere, anytime. But surfacing specification data doesn’t stop there. Teams have a direct upload and publish workflow from the Files tool, bringing a powerful document and specification management connection to construction projects.  

How does it benefit me? 

With Specifications in Autodesk Build and Docs, teams can perform a complete construction lifecycle in a unified platform, connecting their models, plans, and specification documents. 

From design to operations, specification documents are very critical to the construction process, detailing the scope of work and workmanship needed to complete the project and serving as the legally binding contract for all involved stakeholders. By leveraging the Specifications tool, teams have clear visibility of project requirements in a unified platform, keeping everyone informed and accountable for expectations, deadlines, and standards to reduce the risk of costly errors. 

How to get started 

Here’s a quick overview. To learn more, head over to the Help site. New to Autodesk Construction Cloud and want to learn more? Reach out to our team here.  

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Marisa Barreda

Marisa Barreda, Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk