Have You Tried It? Markup PDF files on Mobile

As part of our new “Have You Tried” blog series, each month, we are highlighting one of our recently released features within our Autodesk Construction Cloud portfolio that may have flown under your radar. Whether you’ve started using them or not, all the features highlighted in this series have the same things in common: they will improve your user experience and enhance productivity for your team. 

This month, we’re highlighting the improved markups and issues functionality on PDF files in the Autodesk Construction Cloud mobile app.  

What are Markups, and how do they help with your workflows? 

Markups help project teams communicate updates, changes, and critical information, enabling them to fine-tune their project files to the level of detail they need. By leveraging the markups toolset, users can create an issue to communicate problems that need to be fixed, add measurement markups to address dimension inaccuracies and reference important information such as an RFI or asset directly to the markup.  

With the most recent update to the Autodesk Construction Cloud mobile app, field teams can experience full markups and issues workflow on single and multi-page PDF files on mobile, which includes the ability to view, select, create, and edit. This functionality enables Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, and Autodesk BIM Collaborate users to strengthen their project communication between the office and jobsite. 

How does it benefit me? 

Communication between the office and jobsite is a top priority for project teams. When project teams have access to the same data and can collaborate together, they can make better business decisions faster – and with this new capability on mobile, they can do just that.    

Check out the workflow in action: 

To learn more, head over to the Autodesk Build Help site. Or if you’re new to Autodesk Build, you can ask for a demo here. 

Marisa Barreda

Marisa Barreda, Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk