Have you tried it? Checklist approvals in Autodesk Build Forms

As part of our new “Have You Tried” blog series, each month, we are highlighting one of our recently released features within our Autodesk Construction Cloud portfolio that may have flown under your radar. All the features highlighted in this series have the same things in common: they will improve your user experience and enhance productivity for your team. 

This month, we’re highlighting the “In Review” functionality within the Forms tool in Autodesk Build. 

What is the Forms tool and how do you use “in review” for approvals?  

Teams using Autodesk Build’s Forms gather critical information about projects, using the flexibility of the tool to collaborate on everything from safety programs to daily report checklists. With @ mentions in comments, project members can see and discuss vital information like Issues, Photos, RFIs, and more within their checklist workflows.  

This flexibility within Forms helps project members get approvals faster in situations where they are required or mandated, even when it’s just for peace of mind.  

With the most recent update to the Autodesk Build Forms tool, project members can create form templates with designated reviewers – in addition to the view only, manager, and editor permissions. Adding a reviewer to a form will automatically create an “In Review” step after the initial “In Progress” step. When the form editor is finished with their section, they can submit it for review. The “Reviewer” can approve with signature, sending the form to “Closed” status, or send back for edits, using @mentions in comments to request specific information.  

How does it benefit me?  

Approval workflows for checklist forms are crucial to help project managers, superintendents, or contractors gather critical information from the field and sign off on everything from pre-functional tests to quality inspections or safety observations. Through the optional "In Review" step, the forms tool is flexible enough to accommodate the simplest and most complicated workflows. When combined with signature approvals, @ mentions in comments and references to Issues, Photos, and more, project teams can see all the relevant information they need directly within their workflow.

Getting to approvals faster through flexible workflows is important for teams, and it is crucial that this works when on-site for projects. Project members can edit, review, comment, and close forms directly from their mobile devices through the Autodesk Construction Cloud mobile app.  

How to get started 

Here’s a quick overview video to review:

Adam Arcus