Have You Tried?: Executive Level Cross Project Budget Report in Autodesk Build 

Executive Level Cross Project Budget Report in Autodesk Build 

With hundreds of updates to Autodesk Construction Cloud products in the last year alone, keeping tabs on all these new changes can feel overwhelming. Chances are you’ve heard about recent big, highlighted releases such as the model accessibility in mobile and Bridge. But you might not have heard about some of the latest understated, but high-impact product enhancements. 

We are excited to announce our new “Have You Tried” blog series. Each month, we'll highlight one of our recently released features within our Autodesk Construction Cloud portfolio that may have flown under your radar. Whether you’ve started using them or not, all the features highlighted in this series have the same things in common: they will improve your user experience and enhance productivity for your team. 

First up, we're highlighting the new Executive Level Cross Project Budget Report in Autodesk Build. 

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What is the Executive Cross Project Budget Report? 

Executive Cross Project Budget Report is our first Autodesk Construction Cloud account level report! Users with executive level access can now run a Cost Management budget report in the account level Insight module, which summarizes cost information by project, including the original budget, revised budget, projected budget, forecasts, and more. You can even filter outputs by project type or business unit. 

How does it benefit me? 

The feature saves you time and money by cutting down the number of hours it takes to compile reports. Now, you and your executive team can create reports within minutes, ensuring you're continually up to date on the financial health of your projects across your portfolio. 

How to get started 

Here’s a quick overview. To learn more, head over to the Autodesk Build Help site.  


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Cassie Bustos

As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Autodesk with nearly a decade of experience in the construction industry, Cassie is passionate about technology's transformative power. She feels lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with customers to learn and share success stories they've encountered on their technological journey.