4 New Data Connector Enhancements to Improve Custom Dashboards 

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Data access can make or break your project. According to our recent report with FMI, 75% of respondents agree that there is a growing need for making rapid decisions in the field. That’s why it’s important that teams can visualize company and project data quickly and easily. If data can’t be accessed, it cannot be used to inform decisions in the moment that could have serious consequences for your project and company.  

But in just the last three years, the volume of project data has doubled. While that’s great for knowing each detail about a project, pulling that data into a dashboard in a digestible format is not always easily achievable. And while many construction software solutions offer out-of-the-box dashboards, they're not likely set up in a way that addresses all your needs. 

Every company has unique metrics they are looking to measure and benchmark. Your technology should be easily configurable to give you the data insights you need at your fingertips. Fortunately, you can set up dashboards that work for your unique project needs with the right tools to build custom dashboards. 

We’re excited to share four recent updates to Data Connector for Autodesk Construction Cloud that will help your teams automate data syncing, get more precise data visualizations, and improve decision making.  

Project Level Export  

Data Connector users can now extract data at an individual project level. Previously, it was only possible to export account-level data, limiting the ability to see more precise information.  


For those team members who are focused on the daily details of a project, like managing RFIs or submittals, it is critical they have visibility into single project progress to help drive success. Thanks to this update, these day-to-day project leaders can drill down deeper and see visual representations of analytics for individual projects.  

Alternatively, executive leaders can now compile data for a larger portfolio view of their projects available directly in a single dashboard. This is particularly useful for custom groups of projects, such as those of the same type or those being built in the same region.  

Gallery View  

A second update that we’re excited to discuss is the addition of a new Gallery View feature. It’s a collection of the Power BI templates we provide, which makes it simpler to find new templates and to access updated versions of templates you may have used in the past. With quick access to your templates within the platform, you’ll have a better overall user experience. 


Microsoft Certification 

The Power BI Connector recently became officially Microsoft certified. You can download it now in the Microsoft Store.  


Why does that matter? Since it’s an official product, there is an easier method for connecting and integrating Autodesk Construction Cloud and Power BI. By doing that, any data exported from Data Connector can automatically sync to Power BI. From there, you can simply refer to your dashboard for valuable, accurate information all in one place.  


The Data Connector API is now available. It includes the new project-level extraction feature on top of the previously available account-level data extraction feature. It will be available on the Forge developer site.  

With the Data Connector API, users get the power of automation in their hands. Access to important data is automated, making it simple to move data to their own preferred data warehouse and powering dashboards.  

Do More With Data Connector 

The new Data Connector enhancements make improvements to the Power BI Connector, allowing you to automatically sync functions and see updated templates to help you run your projects more efficiently. Templates are now clearly identified in the gallery view, and you have the option to see drilled-down visualizations to gain more information more quickly.  

With access to Power BI templates, better access to your data, and the easy availability of drilled-down visualizations, you will be on track to make better business decisions to help reach your company’s goals.  


Are you ready to learn more about Data Connector and how you can use it to harness all the data you need on-site? We have an excellent rundown of all the features that make Data Connector a great tool for your business available now. Discover more on our website. 

Manu Venugopal

Manu Venugopal, Head of Construction Data & Analytics Products, Autodesk