How Dat Xanh E&C Streamlines Processes and Improves Project Visibility for Better Collaboration Across Teams

Le Hao, CEO, Dat Xanh E&C

Dat Xanh E&C is part of the Dat Xanh Group, a prestigious real estate brand with nearly 20 years of establishment and development across Vietnam. A leading name in the country, it has developed a range of housing and urban projects, providing comprehensive solutions for real estate project development, construction, and the supply of building materials. Dat Xanh E&C prides itself on meeting the highest standards of quality, engineering, and design.

In the process of developing a Building Project, Dat Xanh E&C found that coordination and cross collaboration between teams proved challenging, especially when it involved different partners participating in the project. These included design consultants, verification consultants, consultant supervisors, construction contractors, and more. There was an urgent need for a system to help streamline and improve the interaction and quality of work between parties. To help fill this gap, Dat Xanh E&C has been building a smart ecosystem of Autodesk solutions. Long-time users of AutoCAD software, its teams have since added Autodesk Revit, Autodesk BIM 360 and Autodesk Build to their suite of solutions.

With consultation and technical support provided by the OneCAD VN Team, Dat Xanh E&C has built a seamless co-creation space in which their various project stakeholders can work together more productively.

“Previously, we found ourselves wasting a lot of time and resources dealing with document approvals and managing the inputs of the many clients and subcontractors involved in our projects.” –Le Hao, CEO, Dat Xanh E&C

By using Autodesk Build and BIM 360 for complete project management, the team’s processes have been transformed. Project design drawings and construction plans, as well as machinery and equipment specifications, are just some of the documents being shared and approved much faster within the new system.

This means that processes that once took days, have been accelerated or even eliminated. Now, approvals can be given directly in Autodesk Construction Cloud, avoiding the data loss and delays that had previously occurred with hard copy and email approvals.

Site progress, costs, safety, and technical compliance reports are part of a new improved system too, with streamlined reporting capabilities. Many of these can now be automatically generated and secured within their platform with no need to recreate them, with no risk of replicating or misplacing them.

Complete visibility of project data

Forms in Autodesk Build enables Dat Xanh users to securely fill, review, and manage project forms. This gives the team a single secure point of reference and way to coordinate data collection, photos, and follow-up documents.

Previously, data had either been stored in the internal server at the head office, or distributed around other locations and project sites. This presented a number of challenges for the team, leading to difficulty and unnecessary time spent accessing data, especially for large files such as drawings and project models. They also faced challenges when stakeholders left the project or company, with data getting lost in the process. Dat Xanh E&C’s teams are now benefiting from a centralised ecosystem that helps them better manage every piece of data at every step of the project process.

“With Autodesk Build we have a unified data store and can access it anywhere. This has cut so much of the complexity we were facing before.”

–Le Hao, CEO, Dat Xanh E&C

Saving days with approval changes

Document and drawing approvals had previously been a stumbling block. With hard copy and email approvals being the norm, they could often find themselves waiting days or even weeks for approvals, affecting project delivery timelines significantly. With Autodesk Build’s Docs feature, the company has now standardised their existing document approval processes into the system, shortening the approval time by up to 2 to 3 hours per document, per step, in the approval process. In totality, the hours add up to really significant time savings that are making a noticeable impact on projects.

Improve project transparency

Using Reviews, Dat Xanh teams are able to automate the process by using pre-defined review workflow template. They can seamlessly review Revit model and 2D PDF directly in Autodesk Build without needing to convert to IFC. They can identify design issue by pinning them using markup, streamlining the review process.

Previously, the traditional processes and delivery of documents was quite manual, which affected the efficiency and progress of project information control, and resulted in errors. By digitizing this management and data exchange between the parties, the transparency of the project has improved greatly. Today, all project participants are able to work together towards the goal of delivering the highest standards in Safety, Quality and Progress of any project.

More efficient even on the move

Deploying the Autodesk PlanGrid Build mobile application for use on-site has also helped bring new efficiency to quality, safety and sanitation checks. This new mobile edge tech is helping the business proactively check and synchronise data from projects in different locations and spaces.

The benefits have been enjoyed the most on some of Dat Xanh E&C’s larger scale projects, including the 5000bn VND development of Gem Sky World, a multi-function development covering entertainment complexes, parks, commercial centers, schools, sports areas, and much more.

And when it comes to working with project stakeholders, everyone has been able to find a better way of working. The payment and materials approval process features of Autodesk Build has been especially popular with project partners.

“We are digitally converting the entire workflow and document management using specialised software and data synchronisation. We have now digitized up to 90% of the work.”

–Le Hao, CEO, Dat Xanh E&C

Removing labour intensive, manual processes and simplifying workflows meant the business could reduce the amount of personnel involved in transportation and record keeping, freeing them up to more valuable tasks. Having seen the impact, the team is now keen to harness technology even more.

The impact at a glance

  • Reducing design conflict by up to 30%
  • Reducing cost of paperwork by 55%
  • Saving 2-3 hours for each document approval
  • Reducing management costs by 20%
  • Reducing total project budget by up to 2%
  • More efficient and fruitful partnerships between project stakeholders

“The use of technology has made project management more efficient and faster than conventional methods. Now, we’re focusing on the further value of digitising workflows and project data.” –Le Hao, CEO, Dat Xanh E&C

Dat Xanh teams in the office are now able to better collaborate with colleagues in the field, sharing a common data environment in Autodesk Build.

Looking to the future, Dat Xanh E&C’s teams are looking to further enhance and improve their processes with the help of digitisation; they’re looking for more ways to harness digitised workflows and unlock the value of project data. With the current solutions in place, they have a construction management ecosystem that’s ready to grow with them.

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Cara Christofi

Cara Christofi is a Senior Regional Marketing Manager at Autodesk based in APAC.