Efficient Project Collaboration: How CPAC Modular Utilises Autodesk Build for Success

CPAC Modular is a modern main contractor with headquarters in Meath, Ireland. They're at the forefront of innovation and are driving transformation in the industry to deliver better outcomes for both their clients and project collaborators. 

As Ireland's leading modular building supplier in the educational, healthcare, pharmaceutical and commercial sectors, CPAC have a dedication to delivering excellence. With a full in-house team of professional designers, specifiers, project managers and manufacturing and construction experts, the team ensure a project is completed on time and on budget.

Using Autodesk Build, an Autodesk Construction Cloud solution, and the Autodesk AEC collection, CPAC Modular's team connects design to construction seamlessly.

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The Complex and the Possible

For modular construction, time is of the essence, and any delay can result in a significant impact. And for modular construction companies, which involve the assembly of prefabricated components offsite, which are then transported and assembled on-site, delays can be disastrous. 

And, for modular components to fit together perfectly, precise measurements, precise manufacturing, and meticulous planning are essential. Efficiency is vital – it allows companies to maximise productivity, minimise waste, and meet tight deadlines.

A Common Data Environment for Seamless Collaboration

Mark Whitehead, CPAC Modular's Construction Director tells us: "Outdated and incorrect drawings cause major issues on projects. These discrepancies can lead to errors, rework, and significant setbacks. In offsite construction, where precision is crucial from day one, having the right information is critical to the project's success." 

CPAC Modular with the help of Autodesk Construction Cloud elite partner Diatec, established Autodesk Build as their common data environment. This solution allows teams to collaborate seamlessly, ensuring everyone works with accurate, up-to-date information. The benefits extend beyond their internal team to external consultants, architects, and client design teams.

The Power of 3D Models

With the end goal of creating a digital twin for each project, CPAC Modular uses Autodesk Build to show clients the end product digitally before construction begins by viewing their 3D Revit models within Autodesk Build. 

This feature allows the team to give clients a virtual project tour before it even breaks ground. For a client, zooming in, rotating, and highlighting specific elements helps build an understanding of the final product. "We build digitally before we build on-site," says Mark. 

Harnessing Data for Quality and Efficiency

Getting better use from the data captured on design and construction projects is fundamental to CPAC Modular's digital strategy. Autodesk Build's forms feature allows team members to collect live information on health and safety, quality checks, and project timelines. Using project data in this way means CPAC Modular can create a holistic view of their projects; they can identify recurring issues and take proactive measures to address them. 

Building a Culture of Trust and Innovation for the Future

As a modern main contractor, CPAC Modular is committed to transforming the industry for the better. 

"At CPAC Modular, we challenge the norms, while investing in our people, and continuously improving our processes. And for us, trust and empowerment are the cornerstones of our culture, which allows us to extend this collaborative approach to our supply chain, clients, and in-house teams," reflects Sean Murphy, Managing Director of CPAC Modular. 

"For us, it's all about streamlining processes, providing clarity, minimising errors, and providing clients with exceptional value for their investment," continues Sean. 

For CPAC Modular, technology has a transformative power, enabling teams to work more efficiently, delivering certainty, and driving value for money. But it's not just about efficiency and precision; it's about shaping the industry's future, one digital brick at a time.

Aisling Purcell

As Regional Content Manager at Autodesk Construction Solutions, Aisling Purcell leads the content strategy, customer reference, and construction PR programme for Autodesk Construction Cloud in EMEA. Partnering with local and global teams, she develops content that supports local and worldwide marketing and sales campaigns, positioning Autodesk as a thought leader and trusted partner in the construction industry.