Free Master Class: How to Maintain High Quality Standards Across Multiple Projects

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When you’re a construction quality manager, project manager, or even a superintendent, it can often feel like you need to be in several places at once. Being able to successfully oversee multiple teams, schedules, and standards of quality requires you to be flexible and pragmatic. 

A lot of pressure comes with your role, since you’re the one responsible for everything going according to plan. 

A single mishap — e.g., when a team member calls out or a critical piece of equipment doesn't arrive on schedule — can derail entire projects. That's why many quality and project managers are forced into a state of reactiveness, which means proactive problem solving becomes virtually impossible.

Then there's the issue of data management. The industry struggles with making sense of construction data, mainly because of the lack of standardization when it comes to collecting and recording information. Many firms are guilty of "poor data hygiene" and this results in challenges to accurately measure key performance indicators. If you can relate to the above issues and struggles, be sure to check out our new free Master Class series

Anyone who is managing construction quality in the field will gain a lot of value from attending the Quality Management Master Class, which will be packed with relevant and actionable takeaways that you can put to work in your projects. 

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Key Takeaways From the Quality Management  Master Class

Historically, the construction industry has been dominated by a culture where stakeholders work to avoid liabilities just on their end. 

However, innovations around connected construction are starting to shift this mindset for the better. By empowering everyone to use the same platform — where all data and workflows are connected — teams can be more transparent and build trust (versus just looking after their own interests).

The Quality Management Master Class will shed light on how construction technology can help you be more efficient and successful at your job. When managing quality in the field, a connected construction platform can help alleviate the stress that comes with not being able to be in multiple places at once. 

The session will cover how to customize and standardize data collection to provide simplicity and structure for your field teams. You’ll also learn about construction data visibility and how to turn your project into a collaboration powerhouse that gives everyone self-serve access to information. By empowering teams to get their hands on the data they need, you'll spend less time on phone calls and emails, and more time on tasks that are really important. 

In this Master Class, you’ll learn how to achieve all that through the following. 

Integrated Systems

Discover how to set up a tightly-integrated system of tools and software that keep data flowing seamlessly from one solution to the next. Minimize double-entry and reduce the risk of data loss by keeping everything in one place. 

Connected Construction Phases and Workflows

Quality and project managers often run into issues when project phases are disconnected. This can be avoided by ensuring that preconstruction and site construction workflows happen on the same platform.

Doing so makes it easier for you to manage project quality and ensure that work is always up to your standards. 

Connected Projects

Learn how to connect the dots between projects so you can analyze past and current performance, as well as surface insights to help you improve going forward. This Master Class shows you how to collect data everywhere so it can be analyzed and presented in a single dashboard format.

See You at the Quality Management Master Class!

If you’re looking to level up your game as a quality manager, project manager, or superintendent, attending this Master Class is a must. So, make sure to register for the event and mark your calendar. 

See you there!

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Luke Hester

Technical Solutions Executive, Autodesk