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The construction industry is facing some major hurdles, particularly when it comes to labor and manpower. 

According to a 2022 analysis by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), the construction industry needs 650,000 additional workers this year alone—a number that's difficult to meet, given the highly competitive labor market. 

construction industry needs 650000 workers 2022

But it’s worth noting that these challenges also present tremendous opportunities for professionals who want to grow their careers. In fact, there has never been a better time to stand out in the industry.

There is a major demand for talented and skilled construction professionals. Those who hone the right skills and technical know-how will be in an excellent position to thrive in their careers. 

To that end, we’re excited to present Autodesk Construction Master Classes—a program designed to give construction professionals access to exclusive and highly-informative classes with industry thought leaders and practitioners. 


Hosted by some of the top construction experts in the field, these Master Classes will give you practical insights and tips—with chapters in 10 minutes or less—on how to distinguish yourself and grow your construction career. 

Here’s a look at the topics covered in these Master Classes. 

Project and Cost Management

As we continue to forge ahead in a post-pandemic world, more and more firms are planning to kick off new projects. As a result, we’re seeing an increased demand for professionals who are skilled at project and cost management. 

Project managers play a vital role, as they keep teams aligned and see to it that a project stays on schedule. Avoiding budget overruns is also a key task for these folks, especially amidst uncertainty and supply chain issues. 

This class will teach you how to master project and cost management. Led by Esteban Corrales, Manager of Technical Solutions at Autodesk, you’ll learn how to break down communication silos, streamline information flow, and control costs like a boss.

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Advancing Your BIM Career

BIM is all about the management of digital representations of buildings. At the fundamental level, professionals in this line of work must be adept at working with various model types and details. 

It’s important to have strong project planning skills. BIM professionals must be able to oversee or manage activities around design and modeling. In many cases, they are tasked with training project teams on how to use BIM tools like Revit and Navisworks. That’s why it’s necessary to have strong people and technical skills.

This Master Class will equip you with the knowledge you need to advance your career. You’ll hear from Lauren Collier, Department Manager of VDC Global Initiatives at SSOE Group. As someone with a background in architectural training and technology, Lauren offers a unique perspective on how you can develop and thrive in the realm of BIM.

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Coordination for BIM and VDC Managers

While the specific responsibilities of BIM and VDC coordinators vary from one company to the next, most folks in this line of work are involved in the setup of project models, clash detection, and supporting other stakeholders in implementing modeling best practices.

To succeed in this role, it's helpful to have strong communication skills and be able to interface with various departments and disciplines. Being proficient in software solutions is also a must. 

Those who thrive in this role have a knack for seeing the big picture when reviewing project files and are able to manage the whole design and coordination process. 

This class will give you insight into how you can develop these skills. You’ll learn from Lee Mullin, Technical Program Manager at Autodesk. Lee will show you how to uplevel your coordination skills as a BIM/VDC professional, so you can make yourself an invaluable part of any project team.

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Quantification for Estimators and Preconstruction Managers

The construction industry is known for its notoriously tight profit margins—and this issue is even more pronounced today due to inflation and supply chain challenges. As such, it’s essential to accurately quantify and estimate the materials and costs needed to implement a project. 

In this Master Class, Nate Coombs, Senior Business Consultant at Autodesk, will teach you how to effectively quantify projects to create more accurate estimates. Learn how to perform 2D and 3D takeoffs and find out how you can streamline the process for your team. 

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Quality and Field Management for Quality Managers

Field teams play a critical role in bringing a project to life, so it’s important to have measures that assure the quality of their work. This is where a quality manager comes in. To thrive in this position, you need to effectively direct and manage various functions in the field and oversee quality control.

Quality managers typically work with project engineers and superintendents and see to it that all tasks and activities are executed up to the company’s standards. 

This Master Class will shed light on the skills you need to be a successful quality manager. Luke Hester, Technical Solutions Executive at Autodesk, will teach you how to avoid the chaos of disconnected information by using easy-to-use technology to streamline and standardize your field collaboration workflows and improve quality management

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Invest in Yourself and Take a Construction Master Class today

Now is the perfect time to develop and advance your construction career. Whether you’re starting your professional journey, pivoting to a new role, or vying for a promotion, Autodesk’s Master Classes series will empower you to uplevel your knowledge and skills.

Grace Ellis

As Manager of Content Marketing Strategy at Autodesk and Editor in Chief of the Digital Builder Blog, Grace has nearly 15 years of experience creating world-class content for technology firms. She has been working within the construction technology space for the last 6+ years and is passionate about empowering industry professionals with cutting-edge tools and leading strategies that improve the quality of their jobs and lives.