Construction Technology Helps Batson-Cook Build and Operate with Less Waste

Founded in 1915, Batson-Cook Construction is one of the premier construction organizations in the southeastern United States. Batson-Cook’s expertise as a general contractor, construction manager, and design-build contractor spans almost every major industry throughout the Southeast, including the education, healthcare, hospitality, office, retail, multi-family residential, and industrial building sectors.

With BIM 360 within Autodesk Construction Cloud™, Batson-Cook has up-to-date project information at their fingertips to operate more efficiently and eliminate waste. 

“Historically, the construction industry has had a reputation of being one of the most wasteful industries in the United States,” says Jason Waddell, Director of Construction Technology Development at Batson-Cook Construction. “We wanted to implement lean principles to reduce waste. It’s part of why we’re using BIM 360. It’s an intuitive tool that allows us to build and operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.” 

With projects becoming more complex with tighter schedules, BIM 360 enables more predictable workflows to reduce risk and complete projects on time and under budget. Watch how Autodesk Construction Cloud helps Batson-Cook maximize performance to build and operate more efficiently.


[Interview Transcript]

Jason Waddell, Director of Construction Technology Development at Batson-Cook Construction: We're a roughly $500 million company. We do work in commercial, residential, and healthcare.

Batson-Cook's vision for a better world is building more efficiently and operating more efficiently. This industry is changing so much. The buildings are much more complex with tighter schedules and tighter budgets. Every job is different. Everything we do is different day-to-day. It’s really unique and challenging. It's part of why we're using technology. We’re a very wasteful industry and we needed to lean our processes up, be more efficient, cost-effective, and building and operating with using a lot less waste.

I've been using Autodesk products for over 15 years. When I started, we had no technology, literally we had no software, nothing. So, I spent a lot of the first year trying to get us up into the digital world from iPads to software it's been a journey.

BIM 360 has been our bread and butter from day one. It’s really efficient and intuitive. Some of our successes with implementing BIM 360 its more just efficiency with our staff. We have information at our fingertips, all the time, from everywhere. That’s a big benefit. 

Some tips for implementation, I always started with the field. I came from the field, so I want to get my superintendents, even a subcontractor foreman, I want them to be engaged. I want to start with them. And it's really simple as how do you make their lives easier? How do you make them more efficient? They need to see that. And technology is the better, more efficient way.

Lauren Ginsberg

Construction Content Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions