Webinar Recap: Automate Clash Detection and Save Time on Every Project  

automate clash detection

Wish you could automate repetitive tasks and save time during the coordination phase of every project?  

In our recent webinar, “Automate Clash Detection & Save Time on Every Project,” we walked through how automating clash detection can save hours on every project. Read on to get a recap of what we covered.

Improving the Coordination Experience for Everyone 

Here at Autodesk, we’re constantly asking ourselves, “How can we improve the model coordination process?” How can we make it easier for everyone (including the BIM manager, the fabrication designers, the architect, the superintendent, and the project engineer) to access the information they need to get the job done? 

BIM/VDC Managers  

For BIM and VDC managers, one of the best ways to save much-needed time during the coordination process is by automating or simplifying some of their more repetitive tasks, like:  

  • Grouping clashes
  • Managing issues
  • Managing model files

There’s an important distinction to make between automating manual, repetitive tasks, and automating the job of the BIM/VDC manager. No matter how far technology progresses, there will always been a need for someone to own the model coordination process.  

However, within that process, there are certain tasks that can be automated to make the BIM/VDC manager’s easier. 

Architects and Trade Partners  

For designers and fabricators, it's important to get them involved earlier in the model coordination process. By letting them do clash detection on their own models, they can gain confidence that they are always working from the latest data.  

After all, there’s nothing more disheartening than making a design change, only to find out that the clash you were designing around doesn’t exist anymore because you were working on an old model. Eliminating these issues saves them a ton of time and wasted effort.  

BIM 360 Model Coordination 

So, how do you achieve these goals, save everyone time, and reduce the potential for rework? That's where BIM 360 Model Coordination comes in.   

With BIM 360 Model Coordination, BIM/VDC managers can work in an aggregated model and automatically detect clashes. They can easily assign issues and track them to resolution across the project team.

Using the clash review tools, the entire project team can better collaborate and streamline the coordination process. Individual model contributors can update their models, check for clashes, and use the Model Coordination clash status and issue management capabilities to resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently. 

Meanwhile, BIM/VDC Managers can monitor the status of project coordination, as well as run clash tests, add comments, update clash status, and send notifications. Since they’re no longer required to be involved in every step of clash detection and resolution, they no longer have to spend 50% of their time on non-optimal activities (e.g. aggregating models, creating new files, and uploading those models to a shared space). The information is already there, and clashes are automatically created and grouped. 

That frees up the BIM experts’ time to work on more projects, get ahead of larger issues, and ultimately reduce rework on the jobsite. 

Coming Soon: BIM 360 Model Coordination + Navisworks 

A new integration between BIM 360 Model Coordination and Navisworks is releasing soon. With the integration, BIM managers will be able to:

  • Open issues from Model Coordination directly in Navisworks
  • Dig into clash sets and make them more tailored with rules-based clashes/tolerance
  • Collaborate with trades directly through Navisworks
Bringing these two complementary tools together will allow for a more streamlined experience, faster coordination, more accurate data, and less rework.  Interested in learning more about this upcoming integration? Watch the webinar to get a walkthrough!

automate clash detection webinar

McKenzie Gregory

McKenzie Gregory was a Content Marketing Manager at Autodesk Construction Solutions.