Autodesk Eyes the Future of Jobsite Intelligence with Eyrus Investment

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Construction teams are increasingly faced with two competing realities on projects today: a shortage of skilled workers and consistently condensed project schedules. This means navigating a seemingly impossible task – deliver work faster, but with fewer resources.   

Across the globe, from Dublin, Ireland to Des Moines, Iowa, the industry is grappling with workforce challenges, making it critical to think differently about how labor and other resources are managed. The refrain “do more with less,” could never ring truer. So what’s the key to optimizing your workforce more effectively? It starts by putting more insights directly into – and getting more insights out of – the field.  

At Autodesk, we believe that the more insights we can empower field and project teams with, the better and safer everyone can build. More visibility into the field workforce means teams can track, measure, and then improve productivity while better mitigating risk.  

That’s why we are thrilled to announce our investment in Eyrus, the leading jobsite intelligence platform for the construction, energy, and industrial industries. Eyrus helps firms increase worker efficiency, jobsite productivity, access control, and site safety. You can read more about the investment news here.  

Our investment in Eyrus further augments the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and will empower our customers with enhanced real-time project and workforce data, leading to actionable insights and improved project outcomes.  

Investing in people first 

People are your most valuable resource on a project – and they’re also one of the most expensive. According to the Construction Labor Market Analyzer (CLMA), construction labor cost percentages range typically between 20% and 40% of the project’s total budget. 

At Autodesk, we know that you can’t cut corners when it comes to investing in your people – and technology is critical for supporting and enabling your team to be successful. With our investment in Bridgit and now Eyrus, we are excited to bring a comprehensive set of integrated resource planning and management capabilities to our customers, both in the office and in the field. From jobsites to more efficient ways of working, our investments help contractors deliver on time and on budget to the best possible standards in the most efficient way.   

What is jobsite intelligence? 

The breadth and scale of the average construction project is vast, requiring project managers to juggle numerous competing priorities when it comes to labor, materials, and equipment. Firms that better manage their onsite labor gain a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace – but without a robust workforce strategy, project risks increase and schedules already stretched thin are further jeopardized. Jobsite intelligence allows you to leverage real-time and centralized data for greater workforce visibility.  

Eyrus’ jobsite intelligence platform gives contractors advanced workforce analytics based on live project data. This kind of insight provides contractors with the visibility they need to make important decisions for managing risks, maximizing labor efficiency and adeptly accomplishing critical project goals.  

When combined with Autodesk Construction Cloud, Eyrus gives project managers a holistic view of how a project is progressing by providing tools to actively monitor schedule and cost with greater certainty. The end-to-end intelligence tracking suite provided by Eyrus combines insights on how workers are performing and the impact they have on your project’s progress.  

Insights to make safer jobsites 

Site safety remains one of the highest priorities for our industry, yet it continues to be a major area of risk. And with the new Covid-era of protocols, site safety programs have become increasingly complex to manage.   

With Eyrus, construction firms are provided with real-time data about what’s happening on a jobsite to streamline critical safety protocols. Eyrus offers features such as its Strategic Safety Platform and tools including SafeProx, an IoT beacon and physical and virtual access control, to help improve worker safety and maintain jobsite integrity. Knowing who is on site at any given moment empowers teams to manage their actions in the event of a safety incident. A safer site with less safety incidents not only improves risk management but also creates a better working environment all around.  

Data to improve efficiency  

Labor shortages across the industry mean that an already tight project schedule can be severely impacted by one or two no-shows to the jobsite on any given day. The Eyrus platform enables firms to make data-driven decisions around staffing their projects. By surfacing field productivity information in real-time, teams can harness data to streamline even more of their workflows on the project site and foresee issues before they arise. 

Intelligence to make jobsites more secure 

Eyrus supports project teams’ ability to oversee their people in the field and effectively manage access control. Using the platform, team members can be assigned the correct permissions they need to access certain areas of a jobsite. For construction projects, this can be useful when working on high-security projects like the construction of data centers and sensitive government projects.  

Keeping an eye toward the future 

The construction industry is experiencing rapid transformation and in doing so, using technology in unprecedented ways to connect people, projects, and data. With the right information at the right time, teams can make better decisions, faster.  

Our investment in and partnership with Eyrus strengthens our mission to provide the industry with better solutions to build safer, more predictably and more sustainably. We’re laser-like focused on enabling our customers to seamlessly connect data at every stage of a project lifecycle from design all the way through to turnover and operations. This means giving onsite teams the information and tools they need to connect with all project stakeholders to deliver high quality work.  

I’m even more enthusiastic about the opportunities our partnership with Eyrus creates for the future of work. From protecting people by providing a safer working environment to delivering actionable insights that reduce the stress on a jobsite day-to-day, it’s clear that Eyrus can make working in the industry a safer experience for all. We at Autodesk are incredibly proud and excited to support Eyrus as part of our ongoing mission to transform the construction industry. 

Sidharth Haksar

Vice President, Head of Construction Strategy & Partnerships at Autodesk