9 Autodesk Construction Product Updates to Simplify 2020 

autodesk construction product updates 2020

We’re a month into the New Year – how are your 2020 resolutions holding up? Keeping yourself accountable for both big changes and small improvements is a healthy exercise for both self and professional growth. At Autodesk, we love being able to support your professional ambitions with our powerful and integrated construction software. This means we’re always looking for new ways we can enhance our technology to help you meet your goals and build a more connected industryWe also have some resolutions of our own. In 2020, one of our big goals is to make the daily lives of our customers easier. And so far, we'roff to a strong start. 

Today, we are excited to unveil several product releases and updates across Autodesk Construction Cloud™ site construction solutions – BIM 360 and PlanGrid. From new tools that simplify daily processes like meeting minutes and pay applications to enhancements that further streamline workflows like submittals and tasks, we hope these updates make your workload a little bit easier starting in 2020. 

Below, we’ve recapped nine of the month’s top product releases and changes rolling out this weekScroll on (or use our table of contents) to learn more about the newest enhancements for Autodesk Construction Cloud products  

BIM 360


BIM 360

Meeting MinutesMeeting Minutes_Minutes_Computer - Autodesk Construction Cloud

BIM 360 now offers a meeting minutes toolset that makes meeting management effortless. With clear visibility into all commitments made, the toolset provides an organized and easy to access history of all meeting records.  

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Pay Applications

BIM 360 Pay Applications

BIM 360 Cost Management now includes Pay Applications, which adds automation to a typically manual process. The added functionality reduces the risk of error and provides teams with a real-time view of the financial health of the project. 

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Submittals to the Field

Submittals Item View_Mobile_BIM360_iPhone - Autodesk Construction Cloud

BIM 360 takes mobile submittal accessibility to the next level with the release of a concise submittal items list within the BIM 360 app. Android and iOS users now can instantly view approved submittal items.  

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Submittal Usability Enhancements

Submittal Contractual Date Tracking

BIM 360 Submittals now allows users to re-open and edit closed submittal packages, customize the submittal items and packages list view, extract submittal data in the form of an Excel export, and track contractual dates  

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Enhanced Submittal Access on Mobile

Submittals List View_Mobile_PlanGrid

PlanGrid now has list view of submittal packages in the mobile app, making it a breeze to find and access specific submittal information quickly. 

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Additional Custom Form Templates

Custom Forms_Drop-Down Field Type_Mobile - PlanGrid

PlanGrid now offers new baseline templates for Daily Reports, Incident Reportsand Safety ChecklistsThe templates are extremely customizable, and it's now faster than ever to create and edit a Field Report template. 

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Additional Custom Form Questions

Custom Forms_Drop-Down Field Type_Mobile - PlanGrid

PlanGrid Custom Forms now allows you to copy questions and choose from a number of question types when you create a new Field Report template. New with this release is the ability to require a response to a question before the report is submitted as well as two additional question types – drop-down menu and date.   

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Root Cause for Tasks

Issues_Root Cause_GIF_mobile

PlanGrid Tasks now includes a field for Root Cause. Curate and choose from list of common root causes that impact project coordination, design, quality, and safety. In the Task Log, filter all tasks by a particular Root Cause to gain knowledge about which factors impact the project the most. 

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Kick-off 2020 on the Right Foot with Autodesk Construction Cloud  

Ready to tackle your professional goals for the new year and decade? At Autodesk, we’re here to support you improve and scale your projects with a strong digital foundation. If you’re interested in learning more about the connected technology or any of our product updates listed above, learn more here. 

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Cassie Bustos

As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Autodesk with nearly a decade of experience in the construction industry, Cassie is passionate about technology's transformative power. She feels lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with customers to learn and share success stories they've encountered on their technological journey.