What’s New with Autodesk Construction Cloud? 35+ Releases You Should Know  

July 2022 product releases for autodesk construction cloud

Summer is the busiest time of year for construction. For those professionals living in the northern hemisphere, both the weather and work are heating up. With tight project milestones and schedules to meet and robust crews to manage, your time is limited.   

At Autodesk, our goal is to help your teams work faster and smarter all year long. This month, we have nearly 40 product releases across Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and products including Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, BuildingConnected, BIM 360, and ProEst.  

And because your time is valuable, we don't need you to sweat the details, especially in the dog days of summer. Click below to get the key info you need to know:  

If you’re really short on time, take a look at the top releases you should know about in our short video:

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Autodesk Construction Cloud Unified Platform 

ACC Platform - Bridge Folder Share (2)

*=features on both Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform & BIM 360 

Admin Console | Remove Companies [coming soon]

Members on web can now easily remove a company from two levels: 

  • Project level: removes it from all project members automatically.  
  • Account level: removes it from all projects, project members, and account members automatically. 

Admin Console | Export Account Members  [coming soon]

From Account Admin, members on web can export a list of the members for the whole account including metadata details, such as default company name, default role name, access level(s), and more. Also, members can filter and/or sort the list and export the filter/sorted results. 

Admin Console | Exporting Project Members  

From Project Admin, members on web can export a list of members of a project including metadata details, such as company, role(s), status, and date added to the project. 

Admin Console | View My Subscription & Sheet Count  

Members on web now see their detailed subscription information, including the sheet count for those who have Autodesk Build. 

Files | Advanced Search in Files  

Members on web can now use an enhanced search within Files. By clicking on the “Search and Filter” button and entering their terms, members can search and filter in one convenient step. Additionally, members can now filter attributes across all folders to which they have access within the project. Members will also see search tips on using advanced Boolean operators that will help them get the most out of their search.

Issues | BCF Export  

Autodesk Construction Cloud users can now export Issues in a BCF file format so the issues can be shared with other BCF compliant software. 

Learn more about BCF Export in our blog! 

Issues | Add/Remove Issue Placement  

When creating or updating an issue from the Issues log, web and mobile users can now place that issue on an existing model, sheet, or file – or - remove its placement. This provides context and clarity for users. 

Notifications | Opt-out Notifications  

Within Settings, project admin members can select specific members, roles, and/or companies to opt out from receiving notifications. 

Markups | UI Experience Improvements  

Members on web now see several UI enhancements to the Markups tool: 

  • Font Size: Select from 16 font size options. 
  • Stroke Size: Select from 10 smaller options for stroke width. 
  • True Yellow Adjustment: Fix original “Yellow” to reflect true to color and add “Orange” in markup color options. 
  • Shift + Line: Hold the “Shift” button to create a straight line with the pen or highlighter tool. 

Reviews | New Date Status*  

On the Review list page, Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 members on web now see two new columns, “Created On” and “Finished On.” Members can filter the data within these two columns to navigate and organize through their reviews more efficiently.   

Reports | Optional Components Enhancements  

If the optional component of a cover page or table of contents on a report is toggled off, the report will now default to keep the title block, including a logo, on the first page of that report.   

Reports | Additional Project Filters for Account Level Reports  

Users will now be able to use additional filters including Business Unit, Platform, Project Address, and Job Number when creating account level reports within the Executive Overview on Insight. This allows teams to drill down more accurately to show the information they need.  

Bridge | Builders Network Integration  

Leveraging the Builders Network in BuildingConnected, Autodesk Construction Cloud teams will now see more detailed information about users they are sharing sheets or files with including name, email, company, etc. This makes it easy to give users more context for who information is being shared with outside of their project.  

Bridge | Folder Share Automation  

When sharing files across projects or accounts, users can now select to share updated versions automatically. To implement this automation, users can select folders to share and all files within that folder will get updated to the receiving user. If files are added to that folder, they will also get sent to the receiving projects. This ensures that receiving teams always have the most updated information.  

Autodesk Build 

Model Browser - Long List (2)

*=features in both Autodesk Build & BIM 360 
**=features in both Autodesk Build & PlanGrid
*** = Autodesk Docs feature (available across all unified products) 

Read more about all releases across Autodesk Build.

Cost Management | Flexible Change Order Display Option within Cost Payment Application Tab 

Members now have the flexibility to toggle change orders from being shown at the bottom of the schedule of values (SOV) to inline in a separate column within the Cost Payment Application details view. For cases where the list of SOVs is lengthy, this will make it easier to quickly identify the line time and related change order to track progress.   

Cost Management | Grouped Summary Level Budget Report*  

To support the export of summary level budget reports, members can now utilize a new group level view selector that expands and collapses groups to the selected level members want for their report. 

Cost Management | Main Contract Editing Enhancements*  

The enhancement relaxes some restrictions to provide limited ability to unlock a main contact's schedule of value (SOV) and edit select data. In addition, members can now create budget payment applications without locking the main contract SOV. 

Cost Management | Main Contract Export Enhancement*  

The export option for Main Contracts now supports both Excel and PDF formats. 

Cost Management | Mapping Docs Folder Auto Set Permissions* [coming soon] 

In general settings after the mapping docs folder is enabled, the system now auto-sets the supplier permission to "create" direct from Cost Management. This increases efficiency by removing the need to set permissions manually. 

Files | Model Browser

Members on mobile can utilize the Model Browser to view and navigate a categorized list of all elements in the model. Within this list, members can bulk hide/unhide elements and select an element to be redirected within model.  

Forms | Form Descriptions  

When using the template builder to create forms, Autodesk Build users can add a description to the template, section, or specific question which will give users additional context when they are filling out the form. 

Forms | @ Mentions in Comments  

Web and Mobile users can ‘@’ mention a specific user in the comment field of forms. This will notify the user and draw their attention to the specific form.    

Issues | Hide and Reorder Fields  

Within Issue categories and types, Project Admins can reorder, hide and/or remove select fields. This makes it easier for field teams to create issues, ensuring that they are filling out only the most critical information. 

Location | Location Tab and QR Scanner  

Members on mobile now see two improved workflows, Location tab and QR scanner, for accessing data on Locations.  

  • Location Tab: Click on “More” to be redirected to all data associated (issues, assets, RFIs) to the specific location.  
  • QR Scanner: Utilize the mobile device’s camera to scan the barcode or QR code that is associated with the specific location.    

Photos | Multi Capture Camera 

Autodesk Build users now have a fast and easy way to collect photos in the field. With multi capture camera, users can take multiple photos at once and then easily add them all to the photo gallery.   

Submittals | Custom Review Workflows

Users will have the submittal review workflow flexibility they've been asking about for a long time. They will have the option to customize their submittal review workflows to add multiple review steps and multiple reviewers per step, improving review documentation while keeping all stakeholders in the loop. 

RFI | Additional References  

Linking data in Autodesk Build is crucial for informed decision making—it’s one of the core strengths of the product. By having the option to add RFIs, Schedule, and Issue references from the RFI reference picker when editing or creating an RFI, teams get access to a wide range of historical and planned information to make decisions faster. 

Meeting Minutes | Mobile Enhancements 

Autodesk Build users have new mobile functionality. With this release, they can create new meetings and new meeting items and topics all from their iOS devices. 

Autodesk BIM Collaborate 

Model Property Breakdown

****=features in both Autodesk BIM Collaborate and BIM 360 
*****= features in both Autodesk BIM Collaborate and Autodesk Build 

Coordination | View Issues from other Revit files | Revit Issues Add-In 

Find Issues from associated models in Revit using the newest version of the Revit Issues Add-In. Now Revit users can select associated models from an Autodesk Docs pop-up to view Issue pushpins, edit details, change the status or reassign.   


ProEst - Bid Day

Estimating | Bid Day Enhancements [coming soon]

Incoming proposals from subcontractors can be inputted for easier side by side comparison, including alternates and inclusions. Select an awarded subcontractor to dynamically change the final estimate based on their proposal. 


TradeTapp - Bulk Actions


Qualification | Editable Fields [coming soon]  

GCs can edit certain fields from a subcontractor’s submission, such as insurance. This gives GCs more control over their data accuracy.   

Qualification | Vendor List Building and Tag Removal [coming soon] 

GCs can search and select specific invites to create a list at the top of the Vendor Grid. Users can then remove tags from these invites in bulk.  

BIM 360 

BIM 360 - Custom Attribute Filters

*=features on both Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform & BIM 360 

Checklists | Summary XLS Report  

All BIM 360 users with access to Field Management can now create a Checklist summary report which they can then download or email in XLS format - in addition to the pre-existing PDF option.​​​​​​​ Fields in the new XLS report out will be organized in a more logical way and there are new fields such overdue and progress (% complete) that are included.  

Daily Logs | Labor and Workforce Report Non-Admins  

All BIM 360 users can now create Labor and Workforce reports from within Daily Logs. The reports can be grouped by either company or date and exported into PDF format. 

Reports | Custom Attributes Filter for Issue Reports  

Within the Issue Detail and Issue Summary report, users now see the option to filter by custom attribute. This ensures teams are generating reports that are relevant and specific to their needs. 

Reviews | New Date Status*  

On the Review list page, Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 members on web now see two new columns, “Created On” and “Finished On.” Members can filter the data within these two columns to navigate and organize through their reviews more efficiently.  

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