Autodesk Construction Cloud Wins 2023 Technology Solution Category for Inside Constructions Foundation Awards 

Our team at Autodesk Construction Cloud is excited to announce the platform is the recipient of the 2023 Technology Solution Award for The Inside Construction Foundation Awards, which proudly shines a light on Australian major construction and civil infrastructure industries. The awards showcase innovative people and projects which seek to promote core standards around safety and environmental sustainability throughout major and local projects. 

The Technology Solution Award recognises a supplier of technology to a construction business, equipment manufacturer or subcontractor that improves a process, delivering tangible benefits across financial, safety or sustainability measurements. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud has been recognised as a game-changer for the industry. It is the only technology solution available that links project teams through the entire project lifecycle using a single unified platform. The platform reduces risk, safeguards profits, and enhances predictability throughout the project lifecycle. 

Over two million construction jobs around the world have used Autodesk Construction Cloud, which is helping to guide businesses towards their objectives every day. Leading companies in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, including Aurecon, Beca, Benmax, Built, Downer, Fredon, Hansen Yuncken, Hydro Tas, and John Holland Group, have adopted Autodesk Construction Cloud. 

Overcoming the challenges of the construction industry 

While new technologies continue to emerge for the construction industry, they often create new challenges rather than simplifying processes and improving communication. Concerns such as access control risks, security issues, and a lack of integration between systems perpetuate the cycle of siloed teams. 

Digital transformation is an essential catalyst to counterbalance these challenges and provide the construction industry with opportunities to increase efficiency, productivity, and design. Autodesk Construction Cloud serves as a single source of truth, seamlessly linking every stage and team of the project lifecycle. From design and take-off to handover and operations, fostering collaboration at every step, the platform ensures that no team operates in isolation. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud’s unique capabilities 

Autodesk Construction Cloud excels in accurate project bidding, clash detection, precise quantity take-off, office-to-field collaboration, progress tracking, and data-driven insights. By amalgamating project and third-party data, users gain predictive insights, enabling them to identify, prioritise, and address risks, costs, and quality issues on the spot. 

Some of the key features of the platform which have been recognised by The Inside Construction Foundation Awards include:  

Streamlined management 

Fundamental to the success of Autodesk Construction Cloud is its comprehensive and user-friendly construction management software suite. The intuitive user interface simplifies navigation, making it accessible to professionals at all levels. 

Its cloud-based features accommodate project plans, drawings, 3D models, progress tracking, and billing, streamlining document management. Better planning and earlier clash detection enable swift resolutions, leading to improved efficiency, enhanced profit margins, and heightened customer satisfaction while reducing risks. 

Centralised communication and improved efficiencies 

One of Autodesk Construction Cloud's standout features is its centralised communication hub. Construction teams in the field can effortlessly access the latest uploaded drawings via mobile devices, ensuring they work according to the most up-to-date specifications. Centralised updates on the project keep everyone informed and enhance overall business practices, leading to a higher-quality work with reduced rework for contractors. 

A single source of truth for construction teams 

With Autodesk Construction Cloud, project teams remain connected through a single source of truth at every stage of construction. Importantly, the software facilitates communication between general contractors and project owners, fostering transparency and collaboration. In an era where the demand for specialty contractors is soaring, but skilled labour remains in short supply, Autodesk Construction Cloud enables them to improve efficiencies and take on more work with their existing workforce. 

We are thrilled to have Autodesk Construction Cloud recognised as the leading technology solution for its ability to innovate and transform the Australian construction and civil infrastructure industries. The adoption of Autodesk Construction Cloud will continue to shape the future of construction, driving industry progress and new standards for excellence. 

Cara Christofi

Cara Christofi is a Senior Regional Marketing Manager at Autodesk based in APAC.