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Advance Your Career in our Latest Digital Event

According to FMI, 95% of construction data goes unused. Construction industry professionals have more technology and data at their disposal than ever, but they aren’t leveraging insights at the same rate.

Moreover, the complexity of multiple tools and multiple point solutions has become overwhelming. Data shows that, on average, construction companies own roughly five construction applications that are often used simultaneously across multiple projects.

Today, digital transformation is fundamentally reshaping construction. Autodesk supports the industry and project teams as a partner to achieve their technology and business goals on a unified construction platform. 

Join us for the Autodesk Connected Construction Forum, where construction leaders will inspire and walk you through the benefits of digital transformation in the industry. Be the first to see how Autodesk Construction Cloud’s new unified and connected platform makes digital transformation more than just a buzzword, improves business outcomes, and enables the new possible in construction. 

Join your peers and industry experts for a dynamic two-hour global digital event featuring a high-impact keynote, in-depth master classes from the pros, executive insight, and engaging live networking with leading construction influencers. The Autodesk Connected Construction Forum is an opportunity to advance your career where you’ll walk away with new skills and insights that can be immediately applied to your projects. 

The event is happening at a time and region convenient for you:

  • Americas: June 10
  • Europe & Middle East: June 15
  • Asia Pacific, Australia & New Zealand: June 17

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Opening Keynote 

Hear directly from Autodesk leaders as we walk you through the benefits of digital transformation in the construction industry and how Autodesk as a technology partner, enabled by the new unified Autodesk Construction Cloud, is the platform for achieving your new possible.  

Live Networking 

Enjoy time with your peers and members of the Autodesk Construction Cloud team during live networking breakouts in your region, where you can meet like minded construction professionals and dig deeper with questions on our products.  

Valuable Learning: Master Class Programming Overview

Depending on your job role, the event will offer four in-depth master classes to help you advance your career and harness the power of connected construction technology. You’ll take home new skills and gain relevant, actionable insights that can be applied to projects today to help shape your impact for tomorrow. 

Coordination Master Class for BIM/VDC Managers

Catching constructability issues before they hit the field can be a mountain of a task. Typical preconstruction workflows overly rely on a single person to manage multiple design and trade partners, and identify, group, and report out clashes to the greater team. In this master class, we’ll talk about a change in mindset, enabled by BIM technology, that empowers the entire project team to take part in coordination. We’ll discuss how design and trade partners can self-check their own models along the way, freeing up the BIM expert to focus the team on higher-value issues.   

Take back the time spent on manual coordination tasks, and showcase your expertise through highly effective coordination meetings, reduced rework costs, and better project delivery timelines. Watch this master class and explore the possibilities of a continuous, accountable, and streamlined coordination process.  

Quantification Master Class for Estimators and Preconstruction Managers

Estimators are under tremendous pressure to generate estimates quickly, accurately and iteratively throughout a project. Current takeoff solutions lack collaboration, which results in data silos and manual processes across teams.  

In this master class we’ll talk about how an integrated 2D and 3D approach to quantity takeoff will help estimators deliver competitive bids quickly by streamlining takeoffs and enabling collaboration. You’ll learn how to reduce risk and improve project outcomes by generating automated quantities, leveraging cloud-based technology, and integrating 2D and 3D takeoffs.  

Project and Cost Management Master Class for Project Managers

Project managers know even the smallest issue or problem can make or break a project's profitability. While it’s sometimes obvious why a project is losing money, but oftentimes it’s not.  

This class will take a closer look at "hidden" issues that impact your bottom line. We will dive into how a connected platform will help you manage your time better, provide better information to your management teams, and streamline your project and cost workflows to be more profitable. 

Quality and Field Management Master Class for Quality Managers

If you’re responsible for everything going according to plan on the jobsite and for the quality of the work, it can feel like you need to be in 10 places at once. In this master class we will show you how construction technology can help you become more efficient and successful at your job.  

You’ll learn how to customize and standardize data collection to provide simplicity and structure for your field teams. We’ll talk about construction data visibility and how it can help you act proactively instead of reactively.  We’ll also show how to turn your project into a collaboration powerhouse by giving everyone self-serve access to information, so you spend less time on phone calls and emails, and more time on tasks that are really important.  

Don’t miss out on Autodesk’s Connected Construction Forum to experience valuable networking, educational, and career advancement opportunities.